Sunday, October 2, 2011

lots of painting

'la musica'
oil on canvas/ Oel auf Leinwand
30x40in/ 76cm x102cm

yes, the weeks have passed since my last post, and life has been busy here...
Our Europa Inn is still hoppin', Sabrina is back to school, and i have been busy painting for
commissions and my upcoming solo christmas show starting november 16th at the Imperial Theater.
Needless to say the theme will be somewhat 'entertainment' inspired...and the time when i played the Cornet at the 'Musikkapelle Opfenbach' comes in handy knowing the anatomy of the instruments, haha!
A bit of homesickness I have this time of year- it's Oktoberfest time...
without giving too much info our here, i'd like to post a couple of pix of what i've
worked on the last little while. It's so much fun to explore further into the abstraction process which is still pretty new for me. i enjoy the oil paints, but have painted watercolour this summer quite a bit.
any time spend painting is a treat for me and the kids start laughing when their crazy mother drags her painting bag with her while at an outing...haha!
all paintings will be for sale- please drop me a line if you are interested!
blessings and thanks for stopping by!  Simone

Ja, die Wochen sind nur so vorbeigeflogen seit meinem letzten Eintrag, unser Leben war vollgepackt!
Unser kleines Hotel 'Europa Inn' ist noch super gebucht, Sabrina ist wieder in der Schule und ich habe viel gemalt: Auftragsarbeiten und auch fuer meine kommende Solo show im Saint John Theater welche am 16. November anfaengt... Keine Frage eines der Themen meiner Bilder wird 'Entertainment' sein...und ich muss sagen, meine Musikkapelle-Opfenbach-Zeit kommt mir jetzt gut gelegen mit all den Instrumenten die ich hier malen sollte! (und ein kleines bissle Heimweh hab ich doch grad jetzt- Oktoberfestzeit)
ohne dass ich hier nun schon zu viel Info's rausgeben will (haha)- hier sind ein paar Bilder an denen ich die letzte Zeit gearbeitet habe. Das Oelmalen macht Spass und ich werde mehr ins Abstrakte gehen, ist ja doch noch recht neu fuer mich. Ich habe trotzdem recht viel in Aquarell gemalt diesen Sommer.
Neue Bilder werde ich hochladen bis zum Showstart.
Bilder sind zum Verkauf, bei interesse, bitte mir ne kurze email schicken! 
Gottes Segen und Danke fuers Vorbeischaun!        Simone

Pat and Megan's drink
watercolour/ aquarell 
30x6in approx./ 75cm x 15cm ca.
commission sold

Friday, July 8, 2011

Plein Air Painting the Eastcoast

Summer is here and with it lots of opportunity to go out and paint!
last week was the opening of our annual paint out with the 'plein air painters of the bay of fundy' in Eastport, Maine. it was misty, but magical. i had so much fun painting!
here are some of the paintings i have done...
Eastport Fishing boat 5x7approx. watercolour

downtown Eastport, watercolour, 5x7in approx.

the exhibit is up at the NextDoor Gallery at 8 Boynton Street until july 13th, 2011, if you are in the area- stop by it would be a great pleasure!
from July 27th- 30th, 2011 i will take part in our annual art show and sale at the Fairmont Algonquin Ballroom. It has been a well received art event drawing locals and vistitors alike to view a variety of
one-of-a-kind crations. Fellow artists of our 'Fundy Five' Art Group include: Barbara Neilson,
Pat Staples, Paula Cooper-Bertke, Bertha Day, and Morag Walsh and guest artists this year:
Lydia Five, Bernadette Cunningham, Joe Hunt.
For the first time i have collectors contact me prior to the show for a pre-view of my works and so i have had collectors stop by and choosing framed and even unframed works! what an honour!
thank you!

Docked at the Wharf, watercolour 5x7in approx/  13x18cm
watercolour/ aquarell
available at Fireball Beeds Gallery in Deer Island

Now i have to head out- my dear hubby Markus is taking me out for lunch to Kingsbrae and the kidlets are in daycare today!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Germany trip- 2011 Paintings

Meersburg Boote,
Acrylic on board,
Acryl auf Malplatte 24cm x 30cm, 125.-Euro
view at Hotel Gierer, Wasserburg/Bodensee, germany

Yours Truly, enjoying Meersburg with its Vineyards, historic downtown and 'thermal springs' pool.
Meiner Einer genoss Meersburg mit seinen Weinbergen, Mittelalterlichen Altstadt und Meersburg Therme.

The weeks fly by and I still remember fondly the great time I enjoyed in germany this spring.
here are the paintings I did during that time. all are available at Hotel Gierer in Wasserburg at the Bodensee. This is also the Hotel where my husband Markus did his apprenticeship as Chef- and also i worked there for a summer making breakfast, rooms and laundry before i started my new job as dental technician. This was in 1999, and by the end of the summer i met Markus there as well- you know the rest of the story, haha! Hotel Gierer has a newly added big SPA area with all kinds of sauna, pool and ice grottas. If you go to Lake Constance for a vacation and you'd like to treat yourself... make a stop at the Hotel Gierer and say Hi from me! If you are looking for a nice hotel in Lindau check out Hotel Ratsstuben!

Meersburg Altstadt 1+2:  Euro 45.-
watercolour, 4x6inch, aquarell 10x18cm
view at

Kleines Bodensee Bootle,    Euro 45.-
watercolour, 4x6inch, aquarell 10x15cm
view at 

Die Zeit verfliegt und ich erinnere mich noch gern an unseren Deutschlandurlaub diesen Fruehling.
Hier sind die Bilder die ich in dieser Zeit gemalt habe. Alle sind ausgestellt zum Verkauf beim Hotel Gierer in Wasserburg am Bodensee. Dies ist auch das Hotel in dem mein Markus seine Kochausbildung absolviert hat- und auch ich arbeitete dort fuer einen Sommer lang als Maedchen fuer Alles nach meiner Lehre als Zahntechnikerin. Das war im Jahr 1999, und am Ende meines Sommers beim Gierer lernte ich meinen Markus dort kennen-  und 'the Rest is History' haha! Das Hotel hat einen neuen erweiterten Spa bereich gebaut mit verschiedenen Saunen, Pool und Eisgrotten. Wenn Ihr am Bodensee seid, schaut doch vorbei und sagt 'nen schoenen Gruss von mir!
Als mein Tip fuer ein schoenes Hotel in Lindau: Hotel Ratsstuben

Klatschmohn 2:  Euro 110.-
Acrylic on board, 9.5 x 12inch
Acryl auf Malplatte 24cm x 30cm, 125.-Euro
Der Mohn bluehte an der Lindauer Promenade in grossen staedtischen Pflanztroegen!
the poppies flowered profusely in the town's planters along the Lindau Harbour.

Strawberry Martini   and Juicy Melon slice   je Euro 150.- each
watercolour, 16x20inch approx. , aquarell 40x50cm


Lindau, Lake Constance, view from the Lighthouse

Lindau, Bodensee, Sicht vom Leuchtturm

Saturday, June 18, 2011

lupin paintings

Lupins in the breeze
watercolour 5.5 x 7.5in, Aquarell 13x18cm
Summer on the Glebe
watercolour 4.5 x 9in, Aquarell 11x23cm

sorry for the long 'vacation' from blogging here.
i had a great time in germany with lots of family time and 4 great days painting at the 'bodensee' with Kim from Texas. i will post the paintings i did the next time.
Spa finished (love the eco-bamboo flooring)

in the meantime daily life has a firm grip on me again with last inn upgrades before the high season starts, opening of our new 'Europa Spa' facility, Sabrina's last days of school before the summer with many school excursions and
for mama: an upcoming paint-out and show with the
june 25th and 26th
in eastport, maine. i will be there sunday, so if you are in the area, stop by! the art show will be at the 'next door gallery' from june 27-july 14, 2011
reception july 1st , 4-6pm

Thanks for Stopping by and Blessings,

Entschuldigung fuer meinen langen 'Urlaub' vom Blog. Ich hatte eine super Zeit in Deutschland mit vielen Familienbesuchen, Mathias' Taufe und die Hochzeit von meinem Cousin wo unsere Sabrina das Blumenmaedchen sein durfte. Auch 4 super Tage hatte ich mit Freundin Kim beim Malen am Bodensee. Die Bilder stelle ich im naechsten Blogeintrag ein.

Inzwischen hat der Alltag mich wieder fest im Griff mit letzten kleineren arbeiten in unserer Pension bevor die Hochsaison anfaengt, die Eroeffnung unseres 'Europa Spa's, Sabrinas letzten Schultagen vor den Sommerferien mit vielen Ausfluegen und fuer die Mama (mich):
am 25. und 26. Juni in
Eastport, Maine (ich werde am Sonntag dort sein und malen)
mit anschliessender Ausstellung in der 'Next Door Gallery'
vom 27. Juni- 14. Juli, 2011
Vernissage: 1. Juli, 2011, 16-18Uhr.

Danke fuers Vorbeischauen und Gottes Segen!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

how to prep a palette for watercolour painting

Red tulip Series: a Bouquet for Japan
10x8in; 25x20cm
oil on gesso board
this painting's proceeds will be donated 100% to the relieve efforts in Japan

Red Tulip series: 4 beauties SOLD
oil on gesso board
5x5in each, je 12x12cm

Red Tulip series: 'leaning over' NA
oil on board
6x8in; 15x20cm

it seems every artist has his/her own little method of filling a painting palette with the selected tube colours or watercolour pans to create an easy to use set up for the later painting process.
as you might know i am a follower of Chinkok Tan's method using a limited colour palette consisting of the following primary colours:

-hansa yellow light
-red rose deep (quinacridone)
-phthalo blue

often i use 'da Vinci' paints, but any high quality artists brands work well (do not save on your colours and supplies, you will not get the vibrant colours with inferior quality paint making it frustrating and laborous without getting a satisfactory result). i especially enjoy the 'grumbacher' line for its pigment load and creaminess.
yellow seems to be the colour i use more of than red and blue, so the ratio is something like this: 4 tubes yellow, two tubes red, one blue. this has to be taken in consideration for longer painting trips where art supply stores might not be close by.
now, as i stated above, an artist has the choice of purchasing tube colours or pan colours (cakes). tube colours are squeezed out on the palette whereas cakes are put in the brand specific palettes. i don't have much experience with pan colours, hence i write here about setting up a palette with tube colours only.

for a beginner artist it is challenging to pick up the right dose of pigment, so that the brushmark on the paper is neither too dark/saturated (too much pigment picked up) or too light/watery (not enough pigment picked up by the brush).
to make this challenge easier and more manageble, i prep my palette at least a couple of days before the painting day and let the paint dry in the palette.
i kind of create my own 'watercolour cake' this way.
i place the colours from lightest to darkest (yeah, really tricky with three colours, haha).
often i leave an empty well between each colour;
as later, while i'll be mixing back and forth using the three colours, pigment might travel over from the neighbouring colour 'cake'- resulting in contamination of the colour next to it.
if space is limited of course, just place your colours next to each other.

then, once dry, i can easily close the palette shut, put it with my other supplies in the bag and am ready to go without worrying of wet paint running out and dirtying my bag and supplies.
in the photo you see some of my palettes in use.

yes, here i am attaching a photo taken yesterday at my neighbours yard:
even the canadian Maritimes have spring arrive!
thank you for stopping by and god bless!

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Paintings for Europa Inn guest accommodations

Sailboat, Acrylic on canvas, 30x40in painted for Europa Inn guest Rooms
Segelboot, Acryl auf Leinwand, 75x100cm ca., fuer Europa Inn Gaestezimmer

The last weeks have been- to say the least- wintery, and with still over 5 foot of snow in my backyard and about 2 weeks worth of snow days totalling; yes, spring seems far away... but this is ok as we are still ripping and tearing here at our Europa Inn- putting in new bathrooms, getting the spa framed up and so on...
and as i had mentioned before i am getting busy creating our new paintings for the guest rooms!
thank you to the people that commented in an earlier post in regards to the theme of the paintings- yes, they will depict maritime seacoast scenes!
here are the first two painted in acrylic, plus #3 in oil- as a work in progress.
i started out with photos i took last summer and small sketches to work my way up
to the 30x40 inch format. the basic block in i try to tackle heads on with little fuss about detail,
i refined then the colour harmonies and wave patterns as i went along.
i have a throw pillow (still in the plastic wrapping) hanging close by the easel where i put little colour smudges on it to see how my mixed colours look next to it. also a curtain fabric swatch is clipped to the pillow.
as i write i hear the carpenters rip open a wall next to the air tub they put in this morning- i made them move the location of the sink for a better bathroom lay out, haha.
i am so excited about our accommodation updates- and i am really looking forward to this summer season to show our guests what we have been up to!
on another note: i have been working furiously on our new website for Europa Inn and it went live last week. please check it out: . the online booking software and the many links were challenging to tackle, but i am satisfied with the results! let me know what you think- input welcome as it is a work in progress also!
now, i am ready for spring- to get moving and out off the heavy down coats, haha!
thanks for stopping by!
Gods blessings, Simone

Fishing boat 30x40in acrylic on canvas (in real life it's a bit warmer tones) 
Fischerboot, ca. 75x100cm, acryl auf Leinwand (im wirklichen Leben ist es etwas 'waermer' im Ton)
Die letzten Wochen waren, nun ja- wie soll ich anders sagen: winterlich. Wir haben noch immer 1.40cm Schnee im Garten und Sabrina hatte insgesamt ca. 2 Wochen 'Schneefrei' in der Schule- drum scheint der Fruehling noch weit entfernt hier in St. Andrews in New Brunswick (Neubraunschweig), in Kanada.
Es ist dennoch ok, da wir immer noch am renovieren und ausbauen sind hier im Europa Inn, unserem kleinen Hotel- neue Badezimmer, Wellness Spa, Fitness Bereich und so weiter...
Und wie ich schon erwaehnt habe in einem fueheren Eintrag bin ich nun beschaeftigt die Gemaelde zu kreiren fuer die neuen Zimmer. Dankeschoen den Lesern, die mir hier Feedback gegeben haben in Bezug auf Design und Stil: Ja, es werden 'Seascapes', maritime Landschaften und Kuestenszenen werden! Heute stelle ich die ersten beiden vollendeten Acrylgemaelde vor und Nummer 3 in Oel, welches noch nicht vollendet ist.
Als Vorlage habe ich Fotos vom letzten Sommer genommen und kleinere Sketche, und so habe ich mich hochgearbeitet zum 75x100cm Format.
In der Anfangsphase beim malen habe ich mich auf das grobe layout 'gestuerzt', ohne Ruecksicht auf Details, Farbharmonien und Wellenformationen habe ich dann nach und nach herausgearbeitet. Neben meiner Staffelei habe ich ein dekoratives Kissen und ein Stuck vom Vorhangstoff unserer Gaestezimmer haengen, in einer klaren Plastiktuete. Da tupf ich dann Farbproben drauf um zu pruefen, ob meine Mischungen mit den Stoffen harmonieren und uebereinstimmen.
Sowie ich hier schreibe hoere ich die Zimmerleute haemmern und bohren- sie verlegen das Waschbecken, fuer ein besseres Badezimmer Layout- mit der neuen Whirlpoolbadewanne.
Ich bin schon richtig in Vorfreude auf die kommende Sommersaison- unsere Neuerungen der Gaestezimmer und der Ausbaus des Spabereiches unseren Gaesten Vorstellen zu koennen!
Erwaehnen moechte ich auch noch kurz, dass ich die letzten Wochen unsere neue Europa Inn Webseite designed habe. Vergangene Woche ging sie 'Live'. Schaut doch vorbei: und gebt Bescheid ob noch was fehlt da auch die Webseite ein 'work in progress' ist!
Ja, alles in allem bin ich wirklich Fruehlingsreif- nicht nur um aus den dicken Daunenjacken rauszukommen, haha!
Danke fuers vorbeischauen und Gottes Segen!
eure Simone
Painting #3 work in progress above and below (and Markus said: look at your crooked lighthouse- will be fixed;-) 1000$
Gemaelde Nummer 3- Markus sagte: Schau deinen schiefen Leuchtturm an!- ja, der wird noch gerade gerueckt, haha!
Today was my restaurant decorating day- Spring time;-)
Heute hab ich die Fruehlings deko im Restaurant angebracht;-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

fresh tulips call for spring!

Spring Tulips 
watercolour/ aquarell
29x6in/ 73x15cm
after visiting the florist section in the supermarket, i just couldn't help but pick up some tulips- they were poking their little heads out of the wrappers kind of saying: please give me a good home- so i just couldn't resist;-)
as it is 'daycare day' for my kiddies, i chopped away on some need-to-be-done items of my 'bottomless to-do-list' (aka: eat a frog a day) and then rewarded myself with some
painting time- those wonderful fresh smelling tulips-
their crisp white edges and bright red veins in contrast with the fresh green of the nodding leaves are so invigoration!
while painting i listened in on some recordings of the artists helping artists radio show which is super informative for art related business advice. thank you Saeta and Dreama for sharing your knowledge! just hung up with a friends- one recovering from an operation and one talking about guys... i am so thankful for my health, my wonderful family and all the goodness the lord brings into my life every day, may he touch you today in a special way, too!

Monday, January 10, 2011

And a Happy new Year!

Orange Slices 6x8in
acrylic on board/acryl on malplatte
$125 framed/ 95$ unframed
time is flying and so i should make it my new-years resolution to blog more often, more regularly... right???
yes, we had a wonderful Christmas with the kids. of course during special holidays we miss our families and we cannot leave our restaurant closed as it is a busy time of year for dining out. but we make the most of it by spending family time together, baking german cookies and schedule extra snuggles with our children. yes, this Christmas was truly wonderful and a blessing for us-
and it left me refreshed to start off the new year with enthusiasm to 'get paintin' for my 2 shows coming up this summer and new ideas (not telling yet, haha).

Apple Slices
acrylic on board 6x8in/ Acryl auf Malplatte 15x20cm
$125 framed/ 95$unframed
(sorry for the glare- hard to photograph)

now i'd ask for your input: as you know we are developing our inn and i have it in my mind that i'd like to have original artwork in all our rooms.
now, here's where i'd ask for your input and advice: as a traveller to the east coast in canada staying at Europa Inn, would you like to see abstract or representational art in your guest room?
i will start painting in the next couple of weeks, so any input is much appreciated!
my special prayers for this year go for Peace in the world
and for the people that lost their homes in the flood disaster just before christmas like our friends Norm and Peggy.
This Saturday, January 15th, we are holding a fundraiser dinner here at Europa Inn with all profits going to the relief efforts.
tickets are 30$, and can be purchased directly at Europa Inn: (506) 529-3818.
Market Square in snow
6x8in Acrylic/ 15x20cm Acryl auf Malplatte
$125 framed/ 95$unframed

mei, wie die Zeit verfliegt- und ja, ich sollte es mein Vorsatz fuers neue Jahr machen, regelmaessig und oefter zu bloggen, gell?
wir hatten wunderschoene weihnachten mit unseren Kleinen. Natuerlich vermissen wir unsere Familien ganz besonders an solch speziellen Feiertagen doch koennen wir unser Restaurant nicht schliessen da dies ja eine geschaeftige Zeit ist fuer uns mit Weihnachtsfeiern und Familienfesten. Aber wir machen das Beste daraus mit Deutschen Weihnachtsplaetzchen backen, extra Familienzeit und Kuscheln mit den Kindern. Ja, es waren wirklich wunderbare Weihnachtstage und so bin ich frisch und g'richt meine Farben rauszuholen um fuer meine 2 Ausstellungen diesen Sommer zu malen und noch ein, zwei andere Ideen die ich hab (aber wird noch nicht verraten, haha).
ich habe aber eine Frage/Bitte an euch:
Wie ihr ja wisst bauen wir unsere Pension aus/um und ich moechte gerne original Kunst in den Gaestezimmern haben. Nun, hier ist meine Frage: wenn ihr an der Ostkueste in Canada Urlaub machen und im Europa Inn uebernachten wuerdet, wuerdet ihr lieber was Abstraktes oder lieber was Landschaftliches/Darstellendes in eurem Zimmer haben?
Ich werde in den naechsten 2 Wochen mit dem malen anfangen, so jedes Feedback wird dankend gelesen!
so, nun wuensche ich euch ein gesegnetes Jahr 2011 und meine Gebete gehen fuer den Frieden auf der Welt und die Menschen die bei der Flutkatatstrophe hier in der Umgebung ihre Haeuser verloren haben (wie unser Freund Norm und seine Frau Peggy, die 4 Tage vor ihrer Pensionierung ihr Haus verloren hat).
Europa Inn haelt ein Benefiz Dinner diesen Samstag um 18.30Uhr, der Profit kommt den Flutopfern zugute. 30$ pro ticket, zum verkauf bei uns: (506)529-3818
all our best wishes for 2011 from our family to yours!
Sabrina's erster Balletbesuch ein toller Spass
Sabrina's first visit at the Ballett, we had fun!