Wednesday, January 19, 2011

fresh tulips call for spring!

Spring Tulips 
watercolour/ aquarell
29x6in/ 73x15cm
after visiting the florist section in the supermarket, i just couldn't help but pick up some tulips- they were poking their little heads out of the wrappers kind of saying: please give me a good home- so i just couldn't resist;-)
as it is 'daycare day' for my kiddies, i chopped away on some need-to-be-done items of my 'bottomless to-do-list' (aka: eat a frog a day) and then rewarded myself with some
painting time- those wonderful fresh smelling tulips-
their crisp white edges and bright red veins in contrast with the fresh green of the nodding leaves are so invigoration!
while painting i listened in on some recordings of the artists helping artists radio show which is super informative for art related business advice. thank you Saeta and Dreama for sharing your knowledge! just hung up with a friends- one recovering from an operation and one talking about guys... i am so thankful for my health, my wonderful family and all the goodness the lord brings into my life every day, may he touch you today in a special way, too!

Monday, January 10, 2011

And a Happy new Year!

Orange Slices 6x8in
acrylic on board/acryl on malplatte
$125 framed/ 95$ unframed
time is flying and so i should make it my new-years resolution to blog more often, more regularly... right???
yes, we had a wonderful Christmas with the kids. of course during special holidays we miss our families and we cannot leave our restaurant closed as it is a busy time of year for dining out. but we make the most of it by spending family time together, baking german cookies and schedule extra snuggles with our children. yes, this Christmas was truly wonderful and a blessing for us-
and it left me refreshed to start off the new year with enthusiasm to 'get paintin' for my 2 shows coming up this summer and new ideas (not telling yet, haha).

Apple Slices
acrylic on board 6x8in/ Acryl auf Malplatte 15x20cm
$125 framed/ 95$unframed
(sorry for the glare- hard to photograph)

now i'd ask for your input: as you know we are developing our inn and i have it in my mind that i'd like to have original artwork in all our rooms.
now, here's where i'd ask for your input and advice: as a traveller to the east coast in canada staying at Europa Inn, would you like to see abstract or representational art in your guest room?
i will start painting in the next couple of weeks, so any input is much appreciated!
my special prayers for this year go for Peace in the world
and for the people that lost their homes in the flood disaster just before christmas like our friends Norm and Peggy.
This Saturday, January 15th, we are holding a fundraiser dinner here at Europa Inn with all profits going to the relief efforts.
tickets are 30$, and can be purchased directly at Europa Inn: (506) 529-3818.
Market Square in snow
6x8in Acrylic/ 15x20cm Acryl auf Malplatte
$125 framed/ 95$unframed

mei, wie die Zeit verfliegt- und ja, ich sollte es mein Vorsatz fuers neue Jahr machen, regelmaessig und oefter zu bloggen, gell?
wir hatten wunderschoene weihnachten mit unseren Kleinen. Natuerlich vermissen wir unsere Familien ganz besonders an solch speziellen Feiertagen doch koennen wir unser Restaurant nicht schliessen da dies ja eine geschaeftige Zeit ist fuer uns mit Weihnachtsfeiern und Familienfesten. Aber wir machen das Beste daraus mit Deutschen Weihnachtsplaetzchen backen, extra Familienzeit und Kuscheln mit den Kindern. Ja, es waren wirklich wunderbare Weihnachtstage und so bin ich frisch und g'richt meine Farben rauszuholen um fuer meine 2 Ausstellungen diesen Sommer zu malen und noch ein, zwei andere Ideen die ich hab (aber wird noch nicht verraten, haha).
ich habe aber eine Frage/Bitte an euch:
Wie ihr ja wisst bauen wir unsere Pension aus/um und ich moechte gerne original Kunst in den Gaestezimmern haben. Nun, hier ist meine Frage: wenn ihr an der Ostkueste in Canada Urlaub machen und im Europa Inn uebernachten wuerdet, wuerdet ihr lieber was Abstraktes oder lieber was Landschaftliches/Darstellendes in eurem Zimmer haben?
Ich werde in den naechsten 2 Wochen mit dem malen anfangen, so jedes Feedback wird dankend gelesen!
so, nun wuensche ich euch ein gesegnetes Jahr 2011 und meine Gebete gehen fuer den Frieden auf der Welt und die Menschen die bei der Flutkatatstrophe hier in der Umgebung ihre Haeuser verloren haben (wie unser Freund Norm und seine Frau Peggy, die 4 Tage vor ihrer Pensionierung ihr Haus verloren hat).
Europa Inn haelt ein Benefiz Dinner diesen Samstag um 18.30Uhr, der Profit kommt den Flutopfern zugute. 30$ pro ticket, zum verkauf bei uns: (506)529-3818
all our best wishes for 2011 from our family to yours!
Sabrina's erster Balletbesuch ein toller Spass
Sabrina's first visit at the Ballett, we had fun!