Wednesday, January 19, 2011

fresh tulips call for spring!

Spring Tulips 
watercolour/ aquarell
29x6in/ 73x15cm
after visiting the florist section in the supermarket, i just couldn't help but pick up some tulips- they were poking their little heads out of the wrappers kind of saying: please give me a good home- so i just couldn't resist;-)
as it is 'daycare day' for my kiddies, i chopped away on some need-to-be-done items of my 'bottomless to-do-list' (aka: eat a frog a day) and then rewarded myself with some
painting time- those wonderful fresh smelling tulips-
their crisp white edges and bright red veins in contrast with the fresh green of the nodding leaves are so invigoration!
while painting i listened in on some recordings of the artists helping artists radio show which is super informative for art related business advice. thank you Saeta and Dreama for sharing your knowledge! just hung up with a friends- one recovering from an operation and one talking about guys... i am so thankful for my health, my wonderful family and all the goodness the lord brings into my life every day, may he touch you today in a special way, too!


  1. Really like these tulips Simone! We just got home from SJ (fri pm) Don't you think we've had enough storms this year?


  2. thanks Lynne! wow you sure had snow driving today!
    but looks very beautiful- water street is all snowed in;-)

  3. gorgeous! great composition and colors. my favorite subject.

  4. thank you Liana! i love your new cafe/ market scenes- especially with that snowy winter we have;-))