Friday, August 29, 2014

New Paintings, New Challenge

Island Quest Whale Watch Hut, watercolour, 22x25, 695$ 

It has been a while, but I've been busy painting, painting, painting this summer (thanks to my dad who flew in from Germany to help with the kids and around the house). Here are some of my this summer's efforts, mostly plein air, some studio pieces.
I just signed up for 30-paintings-in-30-days challenge, so you'll see my progress report starting September 1st;-)
We have been very busy with our Inn, Europa Inn & Restaurant and still very busy for another month and a half. Thanks for stopping by and God bless! Simone

Busy by the Wharf, plein air, 22x30, sold

St. Andrews Waterfront, 110x180cm, ...byDesign Gallery Bangor

Cottage Craft, plein air, 8x10, sold

Dive Shop, plein air, 5x7approx., sold

Two Chartreuse Chairs, plein air, 22x30, sold

Lupins at the Blockhouse, 11x14approx. sold

Fishing Boat, plein air, 11x14in. approx. 325$

Summer Cottage, 11x14in, plein air, 325$

St. Andrews lighthouse, 11x14, sold

Box of pencils, oil 9x9in, 200$

Cottage Craft, 5x7in, plein air, sold

Small Boat, plein air, 5x7, sold

Little boat, plein air 5x7, 95$

Katy's Cove Beach, plein air, sold

Cottage Craft, plein air, sold

Nun ist's doch schon wieder 'ne Weile her, seit meinem letzten Eintrag. Diesen Sommer war ich viel am malen, dank Babysitting Service von meinem Papa, der fuer 3 Monate auf Besuch rübergeflogen ist. Die meisten Gemälde sind von den letzen Wochen, plein air, ein Paar Studiobilder. Ich hab mich eingetragen fuer 30-paintings-in-30-days, so werde im September einiges malen;-)
St. Andrews Waterfront, oil, 30x40in, sold
Wir hatten einen guten Sommer im Europa Inn & Restaurant und sind noch die nächsten 6 Wochen oder so. Danke fuer's vorbeischauen und Gottes Segen! Simone


  1. Looks like you've been having fun! And most things are sold! :) Been very slow on Deer Island this summer!

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    2. Hi Lynne, yes, very busy here. I hope to stop by before season end, will stay in touch before heading out;-)