Friday, January 2, 2015

Bailey Mikado Glamper

Bea Bailey 
watercolour, 5.5x6.5in

May I introduce today's camper model. Her proud owner calls her BEA.
Bea is born 1969, a Bailey Mikado and doesn't she look just so sweet? Summer feeling
for me in the face of another snow storm to come! Wohoo!
Blessings to you all!                                                       Simone

Darf ich vorstellen: mein heutiges Model. Ihre stolze Besitzerin nennt sie BEA.
Bea's Geburtstag war 1969, ein Bailey Mikado und schaut sie nicht super suess aus?
Sommergefühle fuer mich während wir hier auf den nächsten Schneesturm warten! Canada yuhee!   Danke fuer's Vorbeischauen und Gottes Segen!                                  Simone


  1. What a fun theme!!! I love the campers and the unique character of each.

  2. How supersweet that you are painting little campers! I have a big rig RV, but secretly want to buy a little trailer and take my art on the road, or at least to the nearest pull-off spot and open shop! I am looking forward to seeing more of camping trailers. Nice challenge!

  3. This just makes me smile. What a dream it would be to get a camper and travel the country for a year painting every day.

  4. I love your campers Simone...I am in love with old campers and everything about them! Your paintings are so sweet in capturing the essence of these little darlings. I too am painting a own in her stages of restoration...and just my love and fun with her. Your paintings are lovely!

  5. Thank you Pattie, Jill and Denise! We are just restoring a little camper this winter, so I am in love with those darling little campers, myself! Thanks for your encouragement!