Friday, January 30, 2015

My Little Campie- 1965 Glenette

My Little Campie- 1965 Glenette
oil on canvas 6x6
Not for Sale

Today is the last 'official' day for this January painting challenge.
I thought I'd like to end it with a painting of my own little campie... so here it is- before it was dis-assembled for re-build: Little Max, a 1965 Glenette.
A friend gave it to me as a gift- what a wonderful gift! He bought it in the 80's and used it for years for hunting. I have camped in it before: during my introduction to moose hunting in 2001- we never got a moose, but I fell in love with the little toaster camper! The best gift it was for me and what a surprise!!!

Every vintage Camper has its own story, every owner has a story about how they got it, and I have heard many stories this past month, it was a delightful, refreshing endeavour; I met so many new people, all passionate about their hobby and so generous in sharing their camper treasures and stories with me- and you! 
Thank you all for making this January the most fun January I've ever had- thank you!

For February I have to catch up with laundry and chores that have been patiently waiting, but already have some ideas to welcome spring in upcoming paintings as well as some paint-along tutorials for anyone interested in learning more about my method of painting.
What you'll need:
-artist grade watercolour paper: 100% cotton
-artist grade paints in the following primary colours (I use Da Vinci): 
    -Hansa Yellow Light
    -Phthalo Blue
    -Red Rose Deep
-chinese watercolour brush
-watercolour palette with multiple wells 
-container to hold water (Yoghurt tubs work well, the container will be stained)
-toilet paper roll to dab off excess water

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