Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tomorrow's Vintage

1990 Glendette 21ft
orig. watercolour 5x7

A few days ago my friend submitted this trailer owned by her son, with the words 'if you get desperate before the end of the month!'. Well, I  haven't gotten desperate and it is not really a vintage yet, but thought I want to honour such a sweet gesture! My friend is a lamp-bead-artist and owns 'Fireball Beads Gallery' on Deer Island, NB, representing women artists from Canada only. If you are in St. Andrews or southern New Brunswick and have a bit of time, stop by Deer Island with its rustic working fishing island charm. I go paint there regularly and have some paintings on display at 'Fireball Beads Gallery'.

Vor ein paar Tagen hat meine Freundin diesen Wohnwagen gemailt, der ihrem Sohn gehört. Die Begleitworte waren etwa so: Falls du noch verzweifelt was brauchst vor Ende des Monats.' Naja, ich bin nicht am verzweifeln und auch ist der Camper noch nicht wirklich ein antik, aber ich wollte solch eine nette Geste ehren. Meine Freundin ist eine Künstlerin die Glassschmuck herstellt und die 'Fireball Bead Gallery' auf Deer Island besitzt. Falls ihr in St. Andrews oder in der Nähe seid, vorbeischauen lohnt sich, Fireball Bead Studio stellt nur Kunst von Frauen aus Kanada aus- mich inklusive.


  1. Thanks for the plug and I'm sure the trailer looks much better in your picture than it does in person! Having fun seeing what your painting every morning!

  2. to be fair the inside of the trailer looks much nicer.

  3. I love your trailer, Stuart (I only paint what I love, haha). And because it's a Glendette, we know they are not being built, so really: you have tomorrow's vintage at your hands;-) definitely a keeper!