Friday, February 13, 2015

Watercolour Simple Tutorials and a 'Baby Whale' Airstream Excella

Airstream Excella 'Baby Whale'
orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.

Here is the last vintage camper from the 'Girl Camp Canada' Group, an Airstream Excella with its 3 proud doggie 'camp-alongs'.
Also, as promised, I have been busy creating these beginner watercolour tutorials with Chinkok Tan's method (3 colours, one brush) for anyone interested.
These are short videos I created that explain step-by-step colour mixing and application paint-along and product overview.
The videos are 'a first' for me and unfortunately not perfect (I wanted to edit them somewhat on my computer, but gave up frustrated).
So, please forgive my not perfect english and lighting and so on... but I hope you will find them useful and encouraging!
So, let's get painting!

Watercolour Simple Tutorial #1: Tools and Equipment, why and how

Watercolour Simple Tutorial #2: Mixing and Values (Part 1)

Watercolour Simple Tutorial #2: Mixing and Values (Part 2)

Watercolour Simple Tutorial #2: Mixing and Values (Part 3)

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