Friday, March 20, 2015

Purple Tulip Tumble

Purple Tulip Tumble
watercolour, 20 x 7in

As we have been shovelling out from yet another snow storm and some new 30cm of snow 
(about 1ft), I've been enjoying more tulips in the house, this time those purple ones! 
Spring has officially arrived- if only on the calendar and I'm celebrating this!
Have a blessed weekend!                                                                        Simone

Red Tulip Tumble #2
  watercolour, 20x7in

Wie wir uns von einem erneuten Schneesturm herausschaufeln, der wieder 30cm gebracht hat, bin ich froh mehr Tulpen im Haus zu haben- dieses Mal in lila/violett. Der Frühling hat offiziell begonnen- wenn auch nur auf dem Kalenderblatt, aber ich feiere! Und male!
Ein gesegnetes Wochenende wünsche ich euch!                                       Simone

My neighbour's house after snowfall 2 days ago...


  1. Beautiful paintings, you are very talented. Lovely photo also. Warm greetings from Montreal. :)

  2. Thank you, Linda! And thank YOU for YOUR encouraging blog;-)