Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween with Trailer Trash Diva and Deville Camper 'Kelly Sue'

Trailer Trash Diva
orig. watercolor, 5x7in
more info and purchase: click here

Today's featured campers are just in time for Halloween.
No, they don't sport orange and black colours or ghoulish decor, but are bright and colourful, just how I like Halloween.
Yes, I never grew up with Halloween and only knew it from imported TV shows such as: 'Tooltime' and other staples of the 80's and 90's.
I thought this holiday was of the crazy kind, but after arriving here in Canada, I quickly noticed that those TV shows didn't fake it at all and Halloween was what is was portrait as.
I can remember, on our very first year here, I went to the local drug store and saw in their retail section a black chip-bowl which looked interesting. It had a skeleton hand mounted on it's rim, which I thought pretty bizarre, so I picked it up to investigate...
... well, the hand moved and grabbed my arm!!!!!!!              I screamed BLOODY MURDER and flung that bowl through the store! All patrons and staff came rushing to my help, but after seeing me, oh well.... I had introduced myself pretty quickly to the locals that way, ha ha.

So, coming back to my point: Colourful and cheery is my kind of Halloween anytime!
I'm very busy building a new website and adding new products to it every day. It looks good, I like it very much!  I am looking forward to going 'live' in the next couple of weeks- so stay tuned- welcome specials and freebies, too!

Vintage Deville Camper 'Kelly Sue'
orig. watercolour, 5x7in

Thursday, October 15, 2015

'All Done' Sold and Indulge Festival

'All Done'
orig. watercolour 22x30 approx.

Thank you to the collectors who bought my painting 'All Done'. Thank you!
My favourite St. Andrews fishing boat.

This weekend it is Indulge time in St. Andrews. A gourmet and food festival to 
tantalize your senses. If you have a day or two, stop on down, we'd love to have you!
From 'Wine Trail' to 'Taste of St. Andrews' to Fine Special Dinners, market, music and shopping, there's 
something for everyone!

Acadia National Park- Painting at Seawall

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Paintings from Acadia National Park and a Caravan from New Zealand

Claris Caravan #2
orig. watercolour 5x7in
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May I introduce: Claris Caravan from New Zealand! This is a commission and as I wasn't sure what the owner wanted in their campie portrait, I did paint two paintings. One is already on its way to New Zealand, the other is available here.
Claris is quite the VIC ('Very Important Camper/Caravan), she was already cover model in a magazine, in fashion photo shoot and has her own biz as event rental! What an honour! You can check out her FB page and an article about her by clicking.

Claris Caravan #1
orig. watercolour 5x7in
commission, sold

Last week I was painting at Acadia National Park and had a great time. Here's a photo of the paintings created, which I will blog about in the coming days.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Rocks at the Beach
orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
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A Happy Thanksgiving I'm sending to you! Our family spent the afternoon at New River Beach where Markus flew his RC planes and the kids kept busy playing in the sand and surf while mom (me) enjoyed painting these two watercolour paintings.
Tomorrow it is 'back to school' for the kidlets after a long weekend, I enjoy the drive in the mornings seeing the fall colours and the fog lifting from the meadows, a magical time of year. If you are looking for something fun to do next weekend, check out St. Andrews' 'Indulge Festival' with all good food all over town; from wine trail to gourmet dinners to Taste of St. Andrews food trail. There is something for everyone, if you haven't stopped down for it yet, maybe this year will just be the perfect time to start!

Walking at the Beach
orig. watercolour 4x7in
more info and purchase: click here

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a work-in-progress commission for a client that had purchased a painting in 2008 and was looking for some companion pieces. I have just finished the commission and they are already on the way home to Toronto. Here are the paintings:

Flower Medley- 3 piece
acrylic on canvas 24x54in total
commission, sold

Schoene Erntedankfest Gruesse schicke ich euch! Unsere Familie genoss den Nachmittag bei New River Strand, Markus flog seine Ferngesteuerten Flugzeuge und die Kinder hatten Spass im Sand und den Wellen zu spielen waehrend ich diese beiden Aquarelle gemalt habe.
Morgen geht's wieder in die Schule fuer die Kiddies nach dem langen Wochenende; ich geniesse die Autofahrt jeden Morgen mit den Indian Summer Farben und den Nebelschwaden die aus den Senken steigen, das sieht so magisch schoen aus. 
Falls du noch keine Plaene fuer's Wochenende hast, komm doch zum St. Andrews 'Indulge Festival' mit gutem Essen an jedem Eck, Weinstrasse, Gourmet Dinners und vieles mehr. Da ist fuer jeden etwas geboten und falls du noch nie die Zeit gefunden hattest waere dies vielleicht das perfekte Jahr vorbeizuschauen!

Vor ein paar Wochen habe ich geschrieben von einer Auftragsarbeit; ein Kunde hatte ein Bild gekauft 2008 und wollte jetzt zwei weitere Bilder im gleichen Stil dazuhaben. Ich habe dies nun fertiggestellt und die Gemaelde sind auf ihrem Weg nach Toronto.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Ritters- enjoying the day at New River Beach, NB

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Camper Collage

Yey, I did it! I painted every day of September and came up with 28 camper portraits, 1 camper interior and 4 non-related paintings!
I'm so tired, but so happy to have pushed myself to not give up!
And I am happy to share this collage with you, showcasing all the featured campers from September 2015!
Thanks to all that purchased a painting, $100 were donated to a local girl with cancer and $280 to 'Doctors without Borders', thank you!

If your campie wasn't chosen, or if you heard about it late, please know that I am planning to paint more campies already submitted as the weeks go on and in January there will be another 'painting a day' challenge happening with host Leslie Saeta, which I am planning  to participate. Also, commissions are welcome, larger sizes, too!
In the meantime, I invite you to sign up for  my newsletter which will inform you of any upcoming events and specials, or just follow me on my Facebook page: Simone Ritter Art. 
Thank you again, and stay in touch!                                                                    Simone

Yey, Ich hab's geschafft! Ich malte jeden Tag im September und habe 28 Wohnwagenportraits, 1 Wohnwageninterieur und 4 Nicht-Wohnwagenbilder gemalt!
Ich bin jetzt sooo muede, aber auch so froh dass ich mich angestrengt habe und nicht aufgegeben!
Und ich freue mich, dir diese Collage vorzustellen, mit all den Campern vom vergangen September 2015!
Insgesamt wurden durch verkaufte Bilder 100$ an ein krebskrankes Maedchen aus St. Andrews und 280$ gespendet an 'Doctors without Borders' ('Aerzte ohne Grenzen'). Vielen Dank!

Falls dein Wohnwagen nicht dabei ist, oder du zu spaet davon erfahren hast, keine Verzweiflung, denn ich nehme mir vor, in den kommenden Wochen ab und zu mehr Camper zu malen und im Januar gibt es wieder eine neue Challenge von Leslie Saeta, bei der ich plane wieder mitzumachen. Auftragsarbeiten sind gerne jederzeit willkommen, groesser ist auch kein Problem!

In der Zwischenzeit lade ich dich ein, bei meinen Newsletter mitzumachen und so ueber Neuigkeiten und Specials immer informiert zu bleiben; oder einfach auf meiner Facebook Seite vorbeizuschauen (auch ohne FB Konto moeglich): Simone Ritter Art
Vielen Lieben Dank nochmal und bis bald wieder!                                   Simone

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