Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween with Trailer Trash Diva and Deville Camper 'Kelly Sue'

Trailer Trash Diva
orig. watercolor, 5x7in
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Today's featured campers are just in time for Halloween.
No, they don't sport orange and black colours or ghoulish decor, but are bright and colourful, just how I like Halloween.
Yes, I never grew up with Halloween and only knew it from imported TV shows such as: 'Tooltime' and other staples of the 80's and 90's.
I thought this holiday was of the crazy kind, but after arriving here in Canada, I quickly noticed that those TV shows didn't fake it at all and Halloween was what is was portrait as.
I can remember, on our very first year here, I went to the local drug store and saw in their retail section a black chip-bowl which looked interesting. It had a skeleton hand mounted on it's rim, which I thought pretty bizarre, so I picked it up to investigate...
... well, the hand moved and grabbed my arm!!!!!!!              I screamed BLOODY MURDER and flung that bowl through the store! All patrons and staff came rushing to my help, but after seeing me, oh well.... I had introduced myself pretty quickly to the locals that way, ha ha.

So, coming back to my point: Colourful and cheery is my kind of Halloween anytime!
I'm very busy building a new website and adding new products to it every day. It looks good, I like it very much!  I am looking forward to going 'live' in the next couple of weeks- so stay tuned- welcome specials and freebies, too!

Vintage Deville Camper 'Kelly Sue'
orig. watercolour, 5x7in

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