Sunday, January 31, 2016

Camper a Day January 2016 Successful

Camper a Day Collage-January-2016-Vintage-Camper_Simone-Ritter-Art_watercolour_medium
Vintage Camper-a-Day January 2016
So, we've done it! Another successful 30 campers in 30 paintings we created this January! Yey!


I have to admit, it was a lot of work and many late nights. My darling husband waiting on the couch for me, only to find out I'd have no time. But he is always happy for me to do what I love and painting certainly is one- and a love for vintage camper is another. So, it was a wonderful months for me painting a camper-a-day. Of course I couldn't have done it without the many, many stunning photos you sent it after my submission call- what an honour- thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you

to the 1400 other artists globally that painted along this month and posted their awesome art on Leslie Saeta's website. It was a joy to watch every day the postings, it's such a motivator to get up and post and get inspired by all the others!

On another note:

For any newsletter subscribers, I have started to send out the welcome gift greeting cards. If you have not yet received yours yet, it might be that I don't have an address where to send it. If you could give me a mailing address, I will get those out to you after Valentine's;-)- and for any new sign-ups, just fill in at the sign-up screen. I don't use it for spam or selling or anything like this, but to send you the gift. I'm just a one-woman show here, no big company;-)
Anyhow, I'm off now for a few days and will get started on some bigger ideas soon, stay stuned;-)
All my very best to you!                            Simone

1964 Yellowstone

1964 Yellowstone Simone-Ritter-Art-2016_watercolour_camper_5x7
1964 Yellowstone
orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
This 1964 Yellowstone was so much fun to paint, as my finishing camper for this challenge. The owner send me different photographs and here the pic was cropped on the right had side , so I took liberty to fill in what I thought might be there. I usually avoid this as I like to have all information important to the painting documented, but as it was the last day and I do not call it for no reason a 'painting challenge', I chose this 1964 Yellowstone anyway. I have painted another Yellowstone before, you can read about it by clicking here.
Today marks officially my last day of painting a camper a day for this January challenge. This, of course doesn't mean I'm done painting campers, but I have some commissions waiting patiently which I will attend to in the coming little while. I will blog about those here and keep you in the loop about my other art endeavours. Tomorrow, however I will post a collage featuring all campers painted. That should be fun!
I cannot say much more about it at this time, but I have some pretty exciting things lined up which I'm itching to get started with! They won't be camper themed, they won't be even watercolour, but they will be BIG! Stay tuned!
With this I wish you a blessed Sunday, which will be relaxing!      Thank you for journeying with me, your encouragement and feedback made this past month very special to me! Thank you again!                             Simone

Friday, January 29, 2016

Jayco Pink Welcome

Jayco Pink Welcome Simone-Ritter-Art-2016-camper-watercolour

Jayco Pink Welcome

orig. watercolour, 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
Today we have a 'newer' model camper, a Jayco, which I call Jayco Pink Welcome. A company who started in 1968 and are still producing today. I don't know any details of this camper model, but I liked the cute pink accents and that even a newer camper can be glamped up pretty easily.
Here is some info from the Jayco website:
"Jayco started with a dream. Lloyd, my late husband and I, had a dream that was based on our love of God and family and aimed at owning a business that would provide wholesome recreation for families to enjoy together. In 1968, in a barn on a country road, our dream became a reality."  (Bertha Bontrager-Rhodes, wife of late founder Lloyd)
Blending Old World Amish craftsmanship with innovative technology, Jayco is the nation’s largest family-owned and operated RV manufacturer today, developing a full lineup of recreation vehicles at our company headquarters in rural Middlebury, Ind. And while our product line has grown considerably, every unit we build is still guided by Lloyd’s vision and a humble desire to help make it easier for families to explore together and relax together.
1967 Scotsman
orig. watercolour, 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
Here I re-visited this painting I blogged about a couple of days ago, a 1967 Scotsman, who was travelling the 48 States in one summer! The perspective of the tow car was off but I couldn't figure out why, so I added a bit more pigment to the lower part and I think it is much better.
Tomorrow is the last day for this January challenge, I wonder what I will paint... I might have an idea, but not sure... the last days are always the hardest for me, pretty tired these last days, especially the daily blogging, picture editing and posting is something I'd like to streamline down the road. It was great to see what works, what didn't so much and what has to be updated and worked on- on the back-end and the front-end of the website and social platforms. I am still learning so much and have to learn so much more.
But first, I will take a few days off to catch up with something very important: my dear loved ones who have been waiting very patiently for me to paint every day.
What some of you might not know, I'm homeschooling, too, so my days are filled with answering math questions, teaching about 'short and long vowel sounds' and checking progress in literature and sciences. Hence, my painting time is mostly evenings and nights. No complaint, no complaint at all, we have to make time for what we love, right and I am so lucky to being able to have such a supportive crew behind me!
Until tomorrow again, nighty night and Happy Weekend!                Simone 


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Claris Caravan- Another Date with This New Zealand Beauty

Claris Caravan Simone-Ritter-Art_2016_watercolour_camper

Claris Caravan

orig. watercolour 5x7
more info and purchase: click here
Who do we have today? May I introduce Claris Caravan, almost would I call her an 'old friend'. She is from New Zealand and quite busy socializing as event prop and business venture extraordinaire. She does get quite a bit of publicity, too. Her proud owner has a sensible touch in decorating her, just enough, not too much. I love the beach-ey feel, the hot sun shining through the set up. Just the right thing for the colder regions that are longing for spring- like me!!! I have painted her before, last year, and you can see the blogpost about that by clicking here
We here have a relatively mild winter so far... hm, I better not write that actually, it might turn on me!!!
I'm inching myself up towards the end of this month's camper a day challenge and I hope it brought you some smiles and joy- it certainly was a fun start for this new year for me, kind of a celebration! My first camper a day I did last January, exclusively with Canadian campers. Here is the collage I did featuring all of them:Vintage_Camper_Portraits_Collage_Simone-Ritter-Art_2015
I am planning to do a collage again featuring all campers from this month, including Claris Caravan and all the other darlings. Special thanks to artist Leslie Saeta for hosting this January painting challenge again! It is always fun and so great to see hundreds of artists worldwide participate!
It is getting late (again), so I better hang up until tomorrow, nighty night all.                Simone

1959 Winnebago and 1967 Scotsman- 2 Campers Today!

Today we have a darling 1959 Winnebago called 'Miss Kitty' set up under trees and below a 1967 Scotsman Cab-Over called 'Molly Mae' travelling through 48 US states last summer- wow, what a vacation that would be!!!!
1959 Winnebago Simone-Ritter-Art_watercolor_camper_2016

1959 Winnebago 'Miss Kitty'

orig. watercolour, 5x7
more info and purchase: click here
As I was busy painting yesterday's featured airstream over two days, I painted two campie portraits today. My time painting a-camper-a-day for January is coming to a close, so I try and stick to my goal. What a fun month it was!
I have been thinking about travelling for longer periods, kind of exploring our beautiful world for some time- and what better way to do it than bringing a little house-on-wheels along? The trend of 'tiny home' comes to mind. I'd so love to pack up and go! My dear husband would have a hard time as our inn is a big, 100 year old house that cannot be left alone for long periods (especially in the winter, where it is so cold here and pipes freeze up and burst and in the summer we are so busy with the rooms and restaurant)... maybe later... something to put in the bucket list I guess!

1967 Scotsman Molly-Mae_Simone-ritter-art_2016_camper_watercolour_5x7

1967 Scotsman 'Molly Mae'

orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
Now, can you see where the travelling Scotsman impression was taken? If you look closely you can see the huge rock formation with the Mount Rushmore iconic chisseled bust of George Washington peeking out. What a great memory! I so much like this shot, but had such a hard time with the perspective, especially of the car. I might re-visit this tomorrow, we'll see. Sometimes the eyes see better after sleeping over it for night.
Thank you for stopping by, we'll see you tomorrow again with another vintage camper, have a blessed day everyone (or in my case: a good night).                    Simone

1962 Overlander Airstream

1962 Overlander Airstream Vintage-Trailer-Trash_Simone-Ritter-Art_2016_camper_watercolour_8x10

1962 Overlander Airstream

orig. watercolour, 8x10in approx.
commission painting
Today's camper is actually a 'today- and yesterday's camper', this 1962 Overlander Airstream painting is bigger and took me much longer to create, so, no chance to do it in one day.
It is a commission painting and the owner wants to surprise her husband at their upcoming anniversary. They camp near a beach and she created a sign with fun sayings that touch the heart and state their mottos. They do have beautiful daylilies growing by their campsite and of course the iconic flamingos had to be included I thought! Her husband got a fancy beach bike as a gift last year as well , so I included it of course in the painting! One other personal touch was the inclusion of the American Flag mirrored on the aluminium skin, they have it at their campsite and the beautiful oak trees in the background...
Can you see, how it took me a bit of wrapping my head around a possible lay-out?! I was zipping back-and forth from about 5 photographs to pick- here- pick- there to include all in this artwork.
I wanted to include as much as possible to make this painting the personal gift the owner is hoping for. Hubby, bless his heart, did an amazing job polishing many hours. Anyone knowing something about that kind of polishing, knows it is a major job of many, many devoted hours.... yaaahn! ZIIPPP! Poooooolllishssssss!
My dream is such a beautiful airstream. I hope some day! In the meantime, I feel lucky and honoured if I'm allowed to paint them! Thank you!
If you are looking for a commission painting as a special gift to yourself or someone you love, please do contact me with photos.
Tomorrow is another day, another camper- and almost the end stretch of this 'camper-a-day' challenge for January 2016. I hope you enjoyed the journey with me. Thank you for stopping by!                                           Simone

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Toronto Maple Leafs Aer-Flo Camper

Toronto maple leafs camper-Simone-ritter-art-2016-watercolour

Toronto Maple Leafs Aer-Flo Camper

orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
I hope you had a good Sunday today, some might have been somewhat 'under the weather' with the snow blizzard in the Eastern USA. I hope you all are safe and sound!
Fitting with the hockey season and being the national sport of Canada, today's camper is this ultra rare Aer-flo fibreglass camper wearing the Toronto Maple Leafs 'outfit'. The owner is a woman, stemming against the tide of the mostly super girlie glamped up campers. I like the simple and clear design, ready to go camping with her favourite team!
My daughter has a very good friend who is very involved in hockey, and oh man, is she ever good on the ice... she's taking courses and classes in the neighbouring provinces with top notch coaches. What dedication from her loving parents. I'm amazed at the time and enthusiasm that is not only expected from the players but from the whole family, because it takes a family to raise a hockey player! So, go hockey, go- much better than sitting in front of any screen or being bored all day!
For me personally, the ice rinks are a tad too cold, so I'm glad non of my kids have been bitten by the 'bug' (yet). Our eldest however just signed up for figure skating, so here we go... ask me again in a year! Ha Ha!
Blessings to you all! Stay safe and warm, and hope to see you tomorrow with a new campie again!               Simone

1966 Scotty in Coral Pink Metallic


1966 Scotty in Coral Pink Metallic

original watercolour painting 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
Here we have it, another late-nighter for me... but what's not to like if it's a coral-ey pink and then in metallic even?
I enjoyed painting it a lot and adding the flamingos and adirondack chairs (which are always a bit tricky to get the perspective right- at least that is for me). Today was smooth sailing and this painting came to life as the paint just seemed to flow from the brush onto the paper in just the right places.
Now I'm off to bed and so I leave you with best wishes for a relaxing Sunday and I hope you get to enjoy a good day of rest. I shall be here again tomorrow with another campie!  Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow!                 Simone

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lola Glampingdolls 1978 Boler

Lola-boler glampingdolls finished-Simone-ritter-art-2016-watercolour-camper

Lola Glampingdolls 1978 Boler

orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
I guess I am about to bust my own record in painting late... it's 1:15am here and I'm about 30 or so more minutes with posting.
In my young days I was out and about, enjoying dances and parties in my native Germany, the Allgaeu, Sound of Music- kind territory. It was a marvellous, fun time filled with good, clean fun and great friends young and young at heart watching out for one another that nothing bad could happen. I wish for my kids to enjoy their youth in a surrounding like I could enjoy... of course we're not there yet, but time flies and it will be here very soon...
Anyhow, to come back to the topic of fun, may I introduce 'Lola', a fabulous 1978 Boler. She is a vintage store as well and travels between her native Manitoba, Canada and all over Florida in the colder months. You can check out her facebook page 'GlampingDolls' here. Below you see a couple of work-in-progress pics. There is a lot of shading, shapes and colour mixing that went into creating it. One might not see it, but I started at 8:15pm tonight... As I said, these campies take on a life on their own, ha ha!
Work in progress- see below the three colours I'm using and basically one brush
(plus one clean one today for gradation shading the wet paint)
Below see yesterday's painting 'Somethin' Scotty' with a few minor touch ups. Not biggies for most, but for me enough to re-post the updated painting. Now I can send a pic to its owner...
Somethin' serro-scotty-beach-Simone-ritter-art-2016-watercolour-camper-caravan
In any case, I'm off for the night, just posting and cross posting... hope to get my accounts connected very soon... this tech-y stuff is always a big deal for me. "I'd rather be painting". Nighty night my friends, see you tomorrow again and thank you for your interest and stopping by;-)  Simone

Friday, January 22, 2016

Somethin' Serro Scotty at the Beach

Somethin' Scotty-Simone-Ritter-Art_2016_camper_watercolour

Somethin' Serro Scotty

orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
Oh my, what a long journey this little Scotty was for me! When a camper is gorgeous in every aspect- set up, colours used and props... it makes it actually quite hard to paint it to do it justice and that stresses me out... So, here I have been tip toeing myself slowly but surely towards the final painting. Actually, not really final either as the photo I took of it, I changed and adjusted some little things here and there as I see things call out to me on the screen, but now it is so late that I don't want to go through the whole photographing, editing, adjusting and cropping and re-sizing for web again. I hope this will be OK for the moment, I will do a re-take tomorrow when I'm fresh again and chipper.
Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you tomorrow again!                   Simone

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Honeybee - Little Canadian Camper

Honeybee simone-ritter-art_camper_watercolour_2016_5x7in

Honeybee - Little Canadian Camper

orig. watercolour, 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
Today's camper is this little Fiberglass cutie called Honeybee. When I go through all the submission photos, I do see clearly that Canadians have more fiberglass campers such as Bolers, Trilliums or Biggars. This camper setting is in a serene garden, so I opted not to crop out the surroundings, but rather left them for you to see.
We had wonderful sunshine here today, but bitterly cold. My little one had bright red cheeks when he came home from ice skating at the rink and then walking in. No matter, when I ask if they have put vaseline on their faces before going out, they never seem to care, lucky being a kid I guess. They do just love going out and playing in the snow. Someone tried to cheer me up leaving a facebook comment yesterday: only 61 more days 'til spring- wohoo, that sounded so great, ha ha!
I'm off to tackling some laundry now as it kept patiently waiting the last days where I painted so late! Thank goodness laundry is patient!
See you tomorrow again with another camper!                    Until then, my best wishes to you,                 Simone

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lil Bell, Pink Polka Dot meets Halloween

Lil' Bell Simone-ritter-art_watercolour_camper_2016

Lil Bell, Pink Polka Dot meets Halloween

orig. watercolour painting, 5x7in
more info and purchase: click here
May I introduce today's featured campie: Lil' Bell. Here she is decked out for a halloween party. Isn't she cute? I always love the fall decorations, especially the pumpkins, the hey, the coloured leaves on the trees, and of course all the wonderful yummies harvested fresh all around. Hmmm, did I mention the smell of freshly pressed apples and anything cinnamon?
I'm not a good one for halloween as I'm skittish as heck and already it is that my kids love hiding behind doors, scaring me and laughing out loud as I jump high and scream as if no tomorrow! Oh man... well you've learned one more thing about me, ha ha. I stick with the pumpkins and hey bails as they are not moving around fast and there's no risk of a scare.
What are your favourites of fall? Let me know, I'd love to hear!
I'm off now, we'll see you tomorrow again with another camper glamper. Thanks for stopping by!                      Simone

Monday, January 18, 2016

Little Scotty and Charlie the Cat


Little Scotty and Charlie the Cat

orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
Here we go, another Christmas Campie, fully decked out, including a happy little visitor- Charlie the cat! The owner writes that as soon as she was finished decorating, her cat came and sat down on the chair not moving away. Even the little animals seem to enjoy the special touches and love that goes into getting things decorated with heart.
It is again a late night, so I shall keep it short and sweet with this post today. I hope you had a great day!
Our town is full of excitement and buzz with Canada's new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holding his first cabinet meeting in our little town of 2500.     St. Andrews is filled with police, media and security. Today when we went ice skating, the police was already parked outside the rink as there was a spaghetti dinner meet and greet for the towns people with Mr. Trudeau and his cabinet members. Many photos are proudly shared now on facebook, I opted to stay home with the kids, being more of the introvert kind and after seeing the crowds when he arrived at the Algonquin.
Anyhow, time to call it a day... thanks for stopping by! And see you tomorrow again with a new campie portrait!          Simone

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pink and Apple Green 1970 Shasta 1400

1970 Shasta 1400 Pink Apple-Green Simone-Ritter-Art_2016_watercolour5x7_camper

Pink and Apple green 1970 Shasta 1400

orig. watercolour painting, 5x7in
more info and purchase: click here
Happy Weekend to you- and a snowy one for us that is! All day the snow flakes were dancing and the snow ploughs were going, so I thought a nice bright summery camper would do good for the soul... This cute pinkie with apple green accents here is still a work in progress and will sport some more flower decals and music notes along bright green shasta 'wings'- down the road when her owner gets around to finishing up this project- I think she looks just darling like this.
Guess what: The newly elected Prime MInister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, will come to our little hometown of 2500 people tomorrow for his first cabinet meeting with his new team. The whole town is gearing up for such a celebrity. All scheduled activities as far as I know will go on at the newly renovated Algonquin Resort, a Marriott Signature Property. Our restaurant will be open by reservation. So, tomorrow before Mass I see myself going out and getting some Valentines Heart Decorations up on the Balusters of our balcony- today was just too snowy.
Here is a shot of the snowfalls today from my living-room balcony, really pretty, but cold and windy. I slept in and stayed indoors all day, was just nice to chill out! See you tomorrow again!                                     Simone
snowfall downtown St. Andrews, NB

Friday, January 15, 2016

1955 Nomad and 1963 Shasta Airflyte

1955 Nomad and 1963 Shasta Airflyte by Simone Ritter Art, watercolour 2016, 20x13

1955 Nomad and 1963 Shasta Airflyte

orig. watercolour painting, 13x20in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
I had started this painting a few weeks ago, so I am happy to say I did finish it today! What a great combo duo those two make. The owner is very patient as he contacted me in late summer already and now finally I am getting around to paint his babies! In real life his babies are the same colour, which I might adjust tomorrow, a true collector!
He writes to me: (I've) seen your post cross posted in our group and thought you may like these. It's a 1955 Nomad named Norma and a 1963 Shasta Airflyte Named Jean after my Mother. My wife and I travel a lot with it. The sunset is in Cedar Key Florida....
I have to say: Thank you, thank you for sharing your wonderful duo with me and us! It makes me so happy to see people take pride in their ride (hey and it even rhymes). Both of them travel a lot and enjoy camping while 'en route'.
I had a date this afternoon with our youngest, we enjoyed a hamburger and sunday ice cream and he was just beaming with pride and happiness- and as I just tucked him in he gave me the biggest hug... oh, what a great day it was- filled with the simple pleasures! I'm sending you best wishes for a fun and relaxing weekend- and for any travellers: stay safe where ever you are!
Until next time- which for me is tomorrow, ha ha! Thanks for stopping by!                                 Simone
PS: The colours in the painting look a bit more garrish than in real life, so I will try to re-take a photo of the painting tomorrow in daylight which usually helps.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Roadie-O Suite Heart- Serro Scotty Sportsman

Roadie O Suite Heart Scotty_Simone-Ritter-Art_camper_watercolour_5x7

Roadie-O Suite Heart- Serro Scotty Sportsman

orig. watercolour painting 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
Yieha- another cowgirl camper! Also, the owner is a proud Sister-on-the-Fly... If you haven't heard about it before, go check it out by clicking here.
I copied their mission statement from their website as a quick intro:
“Offering empowerment and sisterhood through exceptional outdoor adventures.”
As a group of women, we challenge ourselves in all that that we set our mind to. There is no age, color, religion or political group. All women who want to share in the adventures of “sisterhood” are welcome. This “sisterhood” has grown to over 6,500 women since its inception in 1999. 

                                                   “WE HAVE MORE FUN THAN ANYONE”

We encourage you to join us on one of our adventures and let yourself be spoiled rotten, learn to fish, to be a real Western Cowgirl, run rivers, and enjoy pure highway traveling fun. The best part is meeting all those new sisters you didn’t even know you had. Our members range in age from 21 to 94, with most being in between. And just remember , our rules are simple...

                                               “No Men, No Kids, Be Nice, Have Fun”

                                                                                                                 "See ya’ there!"
So, if you're interested in learning more, hop on over their website and you might see yourself signing up for one of their outdoor trips real soon!
I'm off to bed now, pretty tired after it seems these painting late-night sessions becoming the rule rather than the exception, ha ha!
Nighty night my dear reader, sleep tight and see you tomorrow again with another campie which will make the half way point of this painting challenge!                                                                                                                        Simone

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Canadian Glamper- 1963 Shasta Airflyte

Canadian Glamper Shasta-Simone-Ritter-Art-watercolor_2016_camper

Canadian Glamper- 1963 Shasta Airflyte

orig. watercolour, 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
Today's camper is a proudly Canadian Girl-Power Shasta named "Li'l Daisy". Its proud owner has rolled up her sleeves and done all the renos herself!!! Wow, pat on back dear lady! In her own words she writes to me: 'It is a 1963 Shasta Airflyte that I fixed up myself and have travelled over 6000 miles in one trip.'
I guess with today's glamper 'Li'l Daisy' we continue our series of girl-power campies.
In our neck of the woods we had a load of snow to shovel today, a snow day for the kids due to bad road conditions. I was sort of grouchy getting up, but a dear friend dragged me outside- with kids and sleds and my mood got so much better once outside in the cold wind, enjoying the powdery snow. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and it helps being challenged to step out and see something different, getting a different perspective. I'm so thankful for those friends!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bell Camper 'Circle G! Bunkhouse'

1973 Bell Circle G! Bunkhouse Simone-Ritter-Art-2016-camper-watercolour-5x7in

Bell Camper 'Circle G! Bunkhouse'

orig. watercolour 5x7 in
more info and purchase: click here
Isn't today's camper a cowgirl's dream? This time around I've been painting quite a few 'cool chick' glampers and today's featured model is no exception! I love the earthy colours, that go so fittingly with the cowgirl theme. I really enjoyed this painting, the trailer is so cute and small!
I keep is short today, but hope you had a good day and as we are in the middle of a snowstorm here in Eastern Canada, I'm happy to paint warm weather colours and campers! My own 'Little wings' is in its winter storage now- just in time! Yey!
To all of you out there in the snow: stay safe; and all of you enjoying warm temperatures- my thoughts are with you and where you are as I'm flipping through vacation trip offers online, ha ha! See you tomorrow, blessings to you!                               Simone
Bell Camper, Simone-Ritter-Art-work-in-progress-2016
here's a little work in progress shot, you can see: minimal light wash outlines, no pencil used.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Shasta 'Daisy Lou'

Shasta Daisy Lou Simone Ritter Art camper 2016 watercolour 5x7

Shasta 'Daisy Lou'

orig. watercolour, 5x7in
more info and purchase: click here
Another late night here... we're inching up to midnight again...
I thought of picking a sweet little Shasta that would not be a challenge in regards to new skill development like painting people (you can read about my experience about that here) and by choosing a straight forward model, that I could get a good head-start painting while the kids and husband were at karate lessons.
The owner of Daisy Lou has been very patiently waiting for months, so I thought this yellow Shasta (I think it's the deluxe, super long version) would fit the bill. But how life of an artist is: don't predict an outcome, never assume, ha ha! As I was painting along, my brush got wondering into hidden details, trying to figure out lettering and checker patterns... oh my...
Yes, I do learn so much every single day painting these small camper watercolours. I think I might become a better person doing it, too. Why? Well, patience has not been one of my strengths and here I do patiently paint small shapes, mixing many colours of which I am using a half a drop of it only. But I am happy with the outcome, the result!
And this should then be an argument for me to stick with it, to give myself this time to grow! Thank you for sticking with me while I do this!
Until tomorrow again!       Simone

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Yellow Shasta

Yellow Shasta Simone ritter art _camper-2016-watercolour

Yellow Shasta

orig. watercolour, 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
Today is Sunday, so I thought of painting this sunny looking Shasta. First I thought is is the retro-kind because of its almost perfect dent-free siding, but looking at the windows, I think it is a wonderfully restored vintage.
For any of you that are looking for the vintage look without the 'hidden surprises' lurking- checking into the Shasta Airflyte re-issue is for you! They are highly in demand and much liked for so many good reasons, you can see an article about them here. On another note, my dear husband finished building the storage for my 'Little Wings' today, so tomorrow it should finally be ready to move into its winter home. We have a very windy, rainy, gusty day out there today and they expect more of it in the coming hours.
It's getting late again, so I keep it short and sweet today, thank you all for stopping in and I hope to see you tomorrow again with another camper!
Thank you, Happy Sunday to you from St. Andrews!                Simone

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Journey Ahead

Journey Ahead Simone-Ritter-Art_2016_camper_watercolor_5x7

Journey Ahead

orig. watercolour, 5x7in
more info and purchase: click here

Life is a journey, often we don't know where we are going, if the direction is the right one... often we feel uncertain if a task at hand can be accomplished and self-doubt is creeping in.

Painting today's painting is part of my journey... it was a challenge as I am by no stretch a figurative artist. Yes, I do paint shapes and the relation between each, but when it comes to human figure, facial expression and features, it is taunting. To capture likeness takes years of dedicated practice and I admire portraitists for their skill.
So, today's painting took two shots to get this final product. The first one never made it past a light yellow painted sketch. I do not use pencil sketching, so there is no erasing. What I paint, I paint and that stays on the paper! I do a basic outline in a very light wash to fill in the biggest shape or subject and then 'mold' it into the shape I want as I apply the following layers of paint. In watercolour you work from light washes with very little pigment toward darker mixtures loaded with pigment. I do use the three primary colours, so as the first washes might very often be just secondary mixtures, as I go along and get darker applications my mixtures are tertiary, using all three of the primary colours.
Anyhow, I am learning a lot already with all the different campers sent in, challenging myself to paint nocturnes, figurative and reflections on silver. Thank you all that you participate, sending in your precious campers and photos- each telling its own journey, its own story.
I hope you do enjoy tracking along on my painting journey, it is a great honour having you join me! Every journey is more fun when not walked alone, right?! Thank you for walking with me!       Blessings to you!                                    Simone