Thursday, January 28, 2016

1959 Winnebago and 1967 Scotsman- 2 Campers Today!

Today we have a darling 1959 Winnebago called 'Miss Kitty' set up under trees and below a 1967 Scotsman Cab-Over called 'Molly Mae' travelling through 48 US states last summer- wow, what a vacation that would be!!!!
1959 Winnebago Simone-Ritter-Art_watercolor_camper_2016

1959 Winnebago 'Miss Kitty'

orig. watercolour, 5x7
more info and purchase: click here
As I was busy painting yesterday's featured airstream over two days, I painted two campie portraits today. My time painting a-camper-a-day for January is coming to a close, so I try and stick to my goal. What a fun month it was!
I have been thinking about travelling for longer periods, kind of exploring our beautiful world for some time- and what better way to do it than bringing a little house-on-wheels along? The trend of 'tiny home' comes to mind. I'd so love to pack up and go! My dear husband would have a hard time as our inn is a big, 100 year old house that cannot be left alone for long periods (especially in the winter, where it is so cold here and pipes freeze up and burst and in the summer we are so busy with the rooms and restaurant)... maybe later... something to put in the bucket list I guess!

1967 Scotsman Molly-Mae_Simone-ritter-art_2016_camper_watercolour_5x7

1967 Scotsman 'Molly Mae'

orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
Now, can you see where the travelling Scotsman impression was taken? If you look closely you can see the huge rock formation with the Mount Rushmore iconic chisseled bust of George Washington peeking out. What a great memory! I so much like this shot, but had such a hard time with the perspective, especially of the car. I might re-visit this tomorrow, we'll see. Sometimes the eyes see better after sleeping over it for night.
Thank you for stopping by, we'll see you tomorrow again with another vintage camper, have a blessed day everyone (or in my case: a good night).                    Simone

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