Thursday, January 28, 2016

1962 Overlander Airstream

1962 Overlander Airstream Vintage-Trailer-Trash_Simone-Ritter-Art_2016_camper_watercolour_8x10

1962 Overlander Airstream

orig. watercolour, 8x10in approx.
commission painting
Today's camper is actually a 'today- and yesterday's camper', this 1962 Overlander Airstream painting is bigger and took me much longer to create, so, no chance to do it in one day.
It is a commission painting and the owner wants to surprise her husband at their upcoming anniversary. They camp near a beach and she created a sign with fun sayings that touch the heart and state their mottos. They do have beautiful daylilies growing by their campsite and of course the iconic flamingos had to be included I thought! Her husband got a fancy beach bike as a gift last year as well , so I included it of course in the painting! One other personal touch was the inclusion of the American Flag mirrored on the aluminium skin, they have it at their campsite and the beautiful oak trees in the background...
Can you see, how it took me a bit of wrapping my head around a possible lay-out?! I was zipping back-and forth from about 5 photographs to pick- here- pick- there to include all in this artwork.
I wanted to include as much as possible to make this painting the personal gift the owner is hoping for. Hubby, bless his heart, did an amazing job polishing many hours. Anyone knowing something about that kind of polishing, knows it is a major job of many, many devoted hours.... yaaahn! ZIIPPP! Poooooolllishssssss!
My dream is such a beautiful airstream. I hope some day! In the meantime, I feel lucky and honoured if I'm allowed to paint them! Thank you!
If you are looking for a commission painting as a special gift to yourself or someone you love, please do contact me with photos.
Tomorrow is another day, another camper- and almost the end stretch of this 'camper-a-day' challenge for January 2016. I hope you enjoyed the journey with me. Thank you for stopping by!                                           Simone

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