Sunday, January 31, 2016

1964 Yellowstone

1964 Yellowstone Simone-Ritter-Art-2016_watercolour_camper_5x7
1964 Yellowstone
orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here
This 1964 Yellowstone was so much fun to paint, as my finishing camper for this challenge. The owner send me different photographs and here the pic was cropped on the right had side , so I took liberty to fill in what I thought might be there. I usually avoid this as I like to have all information important to the painting documented, but as it was the last day and I do not call it for no reason a 'painting challenge', I chose this 1964 Yellowstone anyway. I have painted another Yellowstone before, you can read about it by clicking here.
Today marks officially my last day of painting a camper a day for this January challenge. This, of course doesn't mean I'm done painting campers, but I have some commissions waiting patiently which I will attend to in the coming little while. I will blog about those here and keep you in the loop about my other art endeavours. Tomorrow, however I will post a collage featuring all campers painted. That should be fun!
I cannot say much more about it at this time, but I have some pretty exciting things lined up which I'm itching to get started with! They won't be camper themed, they won't be even watercolour, but they will be BIG! Stay tuned!
With this I wish you a blessed Sunday, which will be relaxing!      Thank you for journeying with me, your encouragement and feedback made this past month very special to me! Thank you again!                             Simone

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