Wednesday, January 6, 2016

1968 Serro Scotty 'Wildflower'


1968 Serro Scotty named Wildflower

orig. watercolour, 5x7 unmatted, 9x12 matted
more info and purchase: click here
Today's featured camper is this beautiful 1968 Serro Scotty named Wildflower.
Today we also celebrate 'Epiphany', the three wise men visiting the child Jesus with symbol-loaden gifts of Gold, Myrrh, and Frankincense which also marks the last day of the 'twelve days of Christmas'.  Tomorrow our tree will be undecorated and taken down... always comes too soon...
I thought it being a great day for painting yet another Christmas Campie... and I have spent hours painting this sweet Scotty here, somehow I lost myself indulging in the many tiny shapes, shadows and interplay of light and dark... well, my back still being out I switched from painting in sitting and standing positions- quite a crazy sight for my family seeing me pacing back-and-forth with my painting and brush in hand.
Markus took two of our kids to have the passports renewed while Maximilian didn't feel well and spent the day with me, chilling.
The 'gang' just arrived home, so I better get going here, dinner time is coming up and after that I will be rushing out for music-group practice. I never thought I'd pick up my guitar again and be part of our small but dedicated music group!
For anyone that read my 'Orthodox Christmas' post from yesterday- was talking to my friend Natasha this morning as she was out grocery-shopping up a storm for a traditional Ukrainian feast with our Georgian friend Elena... comes to mind that picture of a woman sitting on a huge table, laden with a myriad of delicious food platters- waiting for the gathering to begin- I know these ladies will be ready!!!! Let the feast begin (unfortunately I cannot make it due to my music practice...).
Anyhow, tomorrow will be another day, another campie... thank you for stopping by and your encouragement makes my day! Please feel free to share the posts with your friends on social!                                  stay in touch!           Simone

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