Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Santa Camper- 1974 Go-Tag-Along

Santa's little Camper wishing a merry Orthodox Christmas Eve! Christmas-santa-camper-Go-tag-along_Simone-ritter-art_2016_watercolor_5x7
Christmas Santa Camper- 1976 Go-Tag-Along
Orig. watercolour, 5x7in approx.
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Today's Camper Model I chose for my Orthodox Christian friends that will be celebrating their Christmas tomorrow, January 6th. 'Merry Christmas' to you! My ancestors were German 'imports' to Ukraine that came under Catherine the Great to work the farms and had to flee under Stalin's Great Purge. I grew up eating borscht soup and vareniki (stuffed pasta-type-dumplings with quark/cottage cheese and other fillings- I just learn it is a traditional Christmas Eve dish as well, so here we go- how fitting!). My friend Natasha has been cooking Ukrainian delights and bringing back some nice childhood memories for me- thank you, Natasha!!
Anyhow, thank you for sharing 'Clark' Camper in his Christmas fineries with me and us, it was a delight to paint- even though it might not qualify as a traditional Eastern Decor, ha ha! And Happy Christmas Eve to all my Orthodox Christian friends near and far!

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