Saturday, January 9, 2016

Journey Ahead

Journey Ahead Simone-Ritter-Art_2016_camper_watercolor_5x7

Journey Ahead

orig. watercolour, 5x7in
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Life is a journey, often we don't know where we are going, if the direction is the right one... often we feel uncertain if a task at hand can be accomplished and self-doubt is creeping in.

Painting today's painting is part of my journey... it was a challenge as I am by no stretch a figurative artist. Yes, I do paint shapes and the relation between each, but when it comes to human figure, facial expression and features, it is taunting. To capture likeness takes years of dedicated practice and I admire portraitists for their skill.
So, today's painting took two shots to get this final product. The first one never made it past a light yellow painted sketch. I do not use pencil sketching, so there is no erasing. What I paint, I paint and that stays on the paper! I do a basic outline in a very light wash to fill in the biggest shape or subject and then 'mold' it into the shape I want as I apply the following layers of paint. In watercolour you work from light washes with very little pigment toward darker mixtures loaded with pigment. I do use the three primary colours, so as the first washes might very often be just secondary mixtures, as I go along and get darker applications my mixtures are tertiary, using all three of the primary colours.
Anyhow, I am learning a lot already with all the different campers sent in, challenging myself to paint nocturnes, figurative and reflections on silver. Thank you all that you participate, sending in your precious campers and photos- each telling its own journey, its own story.
I hope you do enjoy tracking along on my painting journey, it is a great honour having you join me! Every journey is more fun when not walked alone, right?! Thank you for walking with me!       Blessings to you!                                    Simone

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