Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lola Glampingdolls 1978 Boler

Lola-boler glampingdolls finished-Simone-ritter-art-2016-watercolour-camper

Lola Glampingdolls 1978 Boler

orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
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I guess I am about to bust my own record in painting late... it's 1:15am here and I'm about 30 or so more minutes with posting.
In my young days I was out and about, enjoying dances and parties in my native Germany, the Allgaeu, Sound of Music- kind territory. It was a marvellous, fun time filled with good, clean fun and great friends young and young at heart watching out for one another that nothing bad could happen. I wish for my kids to enjoy their youth in a surrounding like I could enjoy... of course we're not there yet, but time flies and it will be here very soon...
Anyhow, to come back to the topic of fun, may I introduce 'Lola', a fabulous 1978 Boler. She is a vintage store as well and travels between her native Manitoba, Canada and all over Florida in the colder months. You can check out her facebook page 'GlampingDolls' here. Below you see a couple of work-in-progress pics. There is a lot of shading, shapes and colour mixing that went into creating it. One might not see it, but I started at 8:15pm tonight... As I said, these campies take on a life on their own, ha ha!
Work in progress- see below the three colours I'm using and basically one brush
(plus one clean one today for gradation shading the wet paint)
Below see yesterday's painting 'Somethin' Scotty' with a few minor touch ups. Not biggies for most, but for me enough to re-post the updated painting. Now I can send a pic to its owner...
Somethin' serro-scotty-beach-Simone-ritter-art-2016-watercolour-camper-caravan
In any case, I'm off for the night, just posting and cross posting... hope to get my accounts connected very soon... this tech-y stuff is always a big deal for me. "I'd rather be painting". Nighty night my friends, see you tomorrow again and thank you for your interest and stopping by;-)  Simone

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