Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mobil Scout 'Boss Lady'

Boss Lady - 1954 Mobile Scout
1954 Mobil Scout 'Boss Lady'
Original watercolour painting
5x7in, comes archival matted, ready for a frame of your choice in a white double mat 9x12in
purchase: click here

Today's camper is this 1954 Mobil Scout called 'Boss Lady'. It's owner has been very patient as she submitted it last September and I just didn't get around to painting her then.

She is quite the camper all glamped up. I couldn't put in all the details on the small size of just 5x7in.
The sun and reflections and shadows forced me to look and 'paint what I see' not 'what I think there is'.
A very good exercise and fun, love this little canned ham, tin can glamper.
If you are interested in more info about Mobil Scouts, you can go here to the tin can wiki page.

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