Saturday, September 10, 2016

1947 Lintzcraft Camper

1947 Lintzcraft Camper

orig. watercolor painting 11x14in approx.

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This camper truly is an oldie but goldie. Pre-1050's campers are something very special and rare. Often they feature plain siding, no grooves or such, which came later. This one is like this, solidly built, just beautiful.

Here's my story about a pre-50's camper:

Last year, there was a 1940-something listed on Craigslist, pretty bad condition outside. The guy didn't even post inside pics, but the camper was only $500. I wanted to buy it so badly, dreaming about a beautiful resurrection making my perfect studio space in our backyard. But my husband was rather frightened at the thought of yet another old clunker on the property. Picture him as he has an inn located in a small, upscale seaside resort town with lots of people visiting for its beauty and charm and wonderfully kept heritage homes. Now add a very large (30-40 foot long) old, shabby looking camper in our backyard- oh my! My heart is still aching we didn't get it, it could have been a beauty restored!!! Well, he just doesn't have the same vision.
I guess I have told you the story before about my complete dis-assemble camper still waaaiting in the back for its resurrection, haha! Poor Markus, he surely has his hands full with me. But I love writing to you all here, as you camper lovers understand me and are on MY side!!!
So, long story short, I am glad this (shorter) 1947 Lintzcraft camper is in the very best of hands as its proud owner takes it to vintage camper rally's to show her off.
We will see you tomorrow again, with yet another one-of-a-kind;-)               blessings, Simone

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