Wednesday, September 7, 2016

1963 Aristocrat Lil Loafer

1963 Aristocrat Lil Loafer

orig. watercolor 11x14in approx.
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Today's featured camper is this cute 1963 Aristocrat Lil Loafer.  Isn't it the cutest?? The little loafers were only built until 1964 and started out having their kitchens at the back of the trailer! There is a special Lil Loafer FB page, too! They sure have a dedicated following- no wonder!
You saw a different, longer Aristocrat featured a couple of days ago here. This one has a very different feel, starting with the bright red colour and design. The red and white is surely a classic combo versus our last Aristocrat was girly pink and white, pastel-coloured and feminine.
Here is a little story I received along with the photo submission:
'This little baby has been through hell and back...I towed it from
Idaho to Northern Cali and paid someone to help me redo it and he
stole my money and left and my friends in the trailer community
gathered together and helped me redo him. His name is Mickey after my
On another note: thank you to all that have sent in photos of your darling campies! It has been wonderful to see all the different makes and models and decors. If you are still interested in sending in a photo, please do so, however I might not be able to have it painted this month. If you are interested in a commission painting for the holidays, please send in a photo with a note. In October I will have a bit more time again to paint and of course it is always fun to have extra campie photos when the creative spirit hits!
Thank you again for stopping by and journeying with me! We'll see you tomorrow again with a new camper portrait!                                                        artfully,     Simone

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