Wednesday, September 21, 2016

1965 Oasis Vintage Camper 'Lola'

1965 Oasis Vintage Camper 'Lola'

orig. watercolor, 11x14in approx (matted to fit 16x20in frame)

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So, today we are back on track with campers, and today's feature is this cutie, a 1965 Oasis Vintage Camper  'Lola' is her name!
I don't know much about her, but I have to say, there are quite a few angles on this painting and as the awning is cropped, I didn't have enough time to paint it before the plein air event. So today I took the plunge and got at it. I like how the painting turned out. It had a lot of accessories in the photo and I moved them around to simplify the composition of the painting.
Yes, it was good that I waited until I had enough time to paint Lola, and today was the perfect day for it! Yea, it rained outside, too, so this cheered me up!
My youngest wants to play hockey this winter. I had always hoped it would not happen as I don't like cold ice rinks and the tight schedule with practices and games. But here we go... we live in Canada and it is the national sport. So, the Ritter's are entering the arena of hockey, haha! We got the gear and now are waiting for the official kiddie sign-up. Our little guy is ready this much I can tell you! I might have to take my paints to the ice rink now and paint hockey- stay tuned!

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