Friday, September 9, 2016

1966 Roadrunner Cabover 'Flo'

1966 Roadrunner Cabover 'Flo'

orig. watercolor 11x14in (matted size: 16x20)

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Today's cute feature camper is this 1966 Roadrunner Cabover named 'Flo'. While I painted it I was actually drifting into a daydream of chilling on those chairs- crazzzzyyy! What those campers do to me, haha!
There are so many cute submissions, I am actually just plucking away in the order they came in, they are all so special! Thank you to all that sent in their photos- you made my day! You will see in the coming days that every camper has a different decor, too, as each owner make it their own.
Well, today's is very classic I'd say, I edited out a bit of the decor, as sometimes it would get overwhelming to make all those little shapes read right for the viewer. Sometimes less is more. I hope you can feel the sun- warm not hot, haha! We had fog today, well, we live by the sea after all. Fog feels good on my skin, I like it. But hopefully tomorrow will be sun again as the kids have a school excursion to New River Beach, a beautiful sand beach with crashing waves and stunning surroundings. Yes, let's go for sun!
Thank you for stopping by and see you tomorrow again!

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