Sunday, September 4, 2016

1974 Aristocrat 'Tipsy Rose Lee'

1974 Aristocrat 'Tipsy Rose Lee'

orig. watercolor painting 10x14in approx.
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Today's feature camper is this sweet 1974 Aristocrat called 'Tipsy Rose Lee'.
Her proud owner writes the following *uncensored*: 'She is Rusty, Crusty just like me!'
I love her romantic charm, the soft whites and pinks flirting with lacy and swirly bits... just very airy, fairy, charming! Thank you for sending in her photo!
If you are interested in getting to know her better, check her out
on Pinterest: Glamping A Little Bit Tipsy
or Instagram:  pks_722
So, let's raise a glass in honor of our 1974 Aristocrat 'Tipsy Rose Lee'

Here are some work-in-progress photos that show some stages before the completed painting. I actually love the one with the white background- I was always one for loving white backgrounds in paintings. They leave an airy and soft feel.

About the painting process:

As you can see, I start out with the light colours. These mixes contain a lot of water and little pigment. I mix every color from the three primaries. If you choose the real primary colors you should be able to mix literally every color you need from those three. After the basic layout is established, I start adding more saturated color mixes on top of the previous ones. It is a building process. Between each new application, I let the previous layer dry (to various degrees, depending on what effect I am looking for).
In watercolor you can always paint another layer over an existing one. It is an additive-type process. Once the paper is stained however, it is very hard to remove the pigment again from the paper without damaging it. So it takes practice and many 'throw aways' to build confidence and to know when the right timing and how much pigment. But that is the fun part, too! A friend of mine used to say: 'Well, all those 'scrapers'...  will eventually lead to the masterpiece.' And she is right.

If you own a vintage campie yourself, I invite you to send in a photo submission! 30 days need 30 glampers and that is A LOT of glampers!!! I welcome your submissions via my website form here.

Also, I'd feel very honored if you'd like to share my painting project of 'a vintage camper painting a day' on your social feed!

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