Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Boiling the Wool at Ingraham's House

orig. watercolor 11x14in (framed: 16x20)

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This weekend was a busy one for me. I got juried to attend my first plein air event. Participating artists were gathering to paint for two days at the historic village settlement 'King's Landing' near Fredericton, New Brunswick. At the end of the two days, all submitted artwork that was painted in those two days was judged and the top three winners announced.
It was quite an experience for me, had I never done an event like this before. First, it involved having enough paintings created for my 'camper a day' project and ready to be posted daily while I was away. I knew I would't have internet. King's Landing is, well, a historic settlement!

Getting Ready:

I had to pack not only my paints and papers, but decide what size paintings I wanted to create and get the frames and mats and any tools needed for assembly ready-to-go and packed.

The event started on Saturday morning 8am sharp with 'stamping of the canvas' which means any artwork created had to be done on canvas or paper that was stamped at the start of the event. This was to forego people cheating with artworks being submitted that they had created prior to the event.
I had a whole stack of papers stamped with my thought being, that I don't know how many times I will screw up to start over, haha! Fortunately, all my paintings except one sketch made the cut and I could frame them. I was able to hand in six paintings in all.

And a great ending:

My painting 'Boiling the Wool at Ingraham's House' came in third place, which I am ecstatic about. It made my day! Not only were the other artists so helpful, positive and supportive, but the village itself and its staff were most friendly and also helped by showcasing a variety of activities done in the 19th century. This made for wonderful subject matter!
The main organizer's home got struck by lightning only two weeks prior to the event.  She was such a trooper, keeping a smile the whole time and helping whenever she could. I hope to participate again next year- God willing. It was a wonderful weekend! Thank you to all wonderful artists, organizers and supporters for making this fundraiser event so much fun!

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