Thursday, September 15, 2016

Yellow Buttercup Vintage Camper

Yellow Buttercup Vintage Camper

orig. watercolor painting 11x14in approx. (matted to 16x20 archival mat)
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If I'd have a winner for 'most work to send in a submission photo', this owner would be it hands down! Not only did she re-submit her photos in a re-sized format for me to be able to paint, but then, she set out and did a photo shoot to have a greater variety of shots to choose from!!!
Honestly, I felt humbled when I received all the emails. Thank you for all your work!
This campie is a fun example, that in the glamper world there is no holding back. You can see the 'Shasta wing' at the back attached, however, it is not original to the camper, as this make is not a Shasta, but the wing was just what was missing to finish the look! And hey, I think this is fully OK!

Here is the story behind this camper, which is just so tender and sweet:

'(I am) not sure of year or make. She's just a cute canned ham that I love.
My son (now 35 yrs old) used to say when he was around 3 yrs old
"Mommy, you're my little Buttercup". So, I had to name her Buttercup!
Then with the name, came the color. Buttercup yellow, inside and out.'
I hope you enjoy today's feature campie, as I very much enjoyed painting it, actually JUST finished it (still a tad wet;-)

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