Thursday, September 28, 2017

1968 Forester 'Violet'

1968 Forester 'Violet'orig. watercolor 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)
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Today's feature camper is this 1968 Forester 'Violet'. It required a lot of sensitive mixing and keeping the wells clean to get all those purples and violets, but I enjoyed it. See, every day a new challenge for me here, haha. 

Also, today I was sooo sure to be done before dinner time with the painting as I have specifically nothing planned for the whole day. Oh well, it is again 10:30pm as I write this... And I still have to bake an apple cake as I have a friend come over for coffee in the morning. And drain the chicken stock bubbling on the stove.

So, you see, my time management skills are definitely not 100% and could use some adjusting.

My Mommy Day Today:

This afternoon was a most beautiful day outside. The morning started foggy and drab, but by noon it cleared up and the sun was glorious mid afternoon. Once they arrived from school, I grabbed the kids, the bikes and scooters and we headed down to Indian Point Beach for fresh air and beach combing. Besides, I wanted to check out if that aqua Shasta Re-Issue was still at the campground. Prepared, I had brought my paints. Unfortunately, the camper had left already.

At the Beach though, a large rock formation is my kids' imaginary pirate ship and they always have fun hopping and climbing busily up and down. Today the fighting was kept to a minimum- bonus!

As I was taking photos of them, I realized again how fast they are growing up. I cherish my time with them and try to spend meaningful time with them, often outdoors. I enjoy our small adventures, even if it's just a bike ride down to the beach and collecting shells. Winter will be here in no time and then I enjoy the sweet memories of summer days gone by.

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