Wednesday, September 6, 2017

1978 Green Boler

1978 Green Boler

orig. watercolor 8x10in approx (framed to fit 11x14in frame)
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Ha, today I painted this 1978 Green Boler, actually I should say: candy-green Boler! Lush and juicy- man, did I have fun today! Well, by now everyone knows I am a color junkie, I luuuuuuve colour! This is what keeps me painting!

So, thank you, thank you to the kind hearted person who send in this pic- it truly made my day (well, school has started up again, too and so everyone was full of excitement besides me being happy mixing colors, haha!)

These Canadian-built fiberglass eggs are so cute, and after their success other companies copied them and now we have Casitas and Scamps and so on... here is a sweet short video of the story behind the Bolers (please click highlighted area). You might get a kick out of the inventor spirit of this Manitoba man, with the first Boler actually started out from a septic tank shell!...

Today I had a good day- have I told you yet??? Kids got off to school great, I got to paint as well as the weather cleared up later in the day. But the best part was my darling husband taking me out for a lunch! Life was good. The summer has been so busy at the inn and he has been working so hard, we don't really spend enough time for

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