Tuesday, September 12, 2017

2009 Shasta Airflyte 12

2009 Shasta Airflyte 12orig. watercolor, 8x10in (matted size: 11x14in)
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Today's feature camper is not a vintage as in 30 years or more, but, well, a 2009 vintage. It is a Shasta re-issue Retro Camper. I have never included one in my camper-a-day projects ever, but I don't think I have ever had one submitted either. So, as I liked the beautiful red color and the sun creating wonderful shadows on the siding, I was thrilled to get started with the painting!
The Retros are very popular, giving people all the modern comforts and safety standards including the cute vintage look. Certainly worth a consideration if budget is not the problem but rather the carpentry...
I am still looking for a few more camper submissions, so if you know of someone who might like to send in a pic, please send them to my submissions page here. The maximum file size is 1MB, that's the only thing to keep in mind. I think some folks might have had problems with re-sizing their photos. Easy way to downsize from a cell phone is to send the photo to ones own email. My Iphone offers four different sizes: small, medium, large, original size. I pick the size just below 1 mb and send it to my own email. There I can download it very easily to my photo stream again in the changed sized. 
I hope we will meet again tomorrow, same page with another campie.... thanks for stopping by and spreading the word!

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