Saturday, September 30, 2017

Airstream Bambi 'Minnie Lou'

 Airstream Bambi 'Minnie Lou'purchase info hereorig. watercolor 8x5x11in

It's been a loooooong painting day again- nightshift painting again- final spurt. It was a 'Just Because' sort of day...
Airstream Bambi 'Minnie Lou' is my last official camper portrait for this time around. Even though I have painted two paintings today. You will see the other one below, you'll understand. But first, let's start with this one here:

I know, I know, this one is a new Airstream Model not an old one. But I got asked to paint it and because I liked it, I did paint it! Ha! feels good to being able to make a decision like this Just Because;-)

No really, I am struggling with this perspective thing as you have seen a few days ago (with dear Catalina from New Zealand) and what could be more challenging in perspective than an Airstream from a sharp angle with reflections? This was reason enough to give it a shot.

What I've learned again is that really what we paint is not what we think we see. So, I've not painted aluminium panels reflecting sky and landscape, but I've looked carefully and painted shapes and light values, what I saw in the reference photo. Actually, I exaggerated what I saw in the colors, yielding a more 'polished look' (haha, no pun intended!)
Here is a photo of the work-in-progress:

But this was not all I painted today.

As I mentioned above, I painted another painting today. Just Because I felt I needed to!
I just couldn't let it sit to not give Catalina a decent showing here. So, for my own peace of mind I painted her again today. I painted her this morning right after the kids were in school and I got a brisk walk in (this month's sitting is starting to give my lower back some grief). In short: I was fresh and ready to go!

I focused on the angles, the interplay of the angles and the perspective. I asked my husband to check it (haha). Once he gave me green light, I carefully tip-toed my way into the painting with light layerings to establish the various plains, I have to say it was quite a process, but I feel much happier with this one now. I might still touch up that white middle bar (maybe, haha).

So, here my second painting: Dear Miss Catalina from New Zealand!

1969 Catalina from New Zealandorig. watercolor, 8x10in (matted to fit 11.14in frame)
purchase info here

I thank you all for your support and encouragement and the invitation to your friends that love art and/or campers to follow me online! Thank you very, very much!
I will post all paintings featured in a collage tomorrow and early next week I should have the voting online for you to like your favorite paintings, which will be featured in my 2018 calendar collection.

I will announce once it is online and ready to go, just follow my Facebook: Simone Ritter Art or Instagram: SimoneRitterArt or here of course;-)

Thanks again and stay in touch! Gotta go, zzz now.... too late already again;-)

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