Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Creating House Commission Paintings

simone ritter art 2017 augustus hall st andrews oil painting white historic house home commission art painting

Augustus Hall Commission 8x10in oil painting, sold

'It's not just a house, it is a home'. Homes are personal cornerstone places in our lives, mark special events, people, family members and loved ones, history important in one way or another. Many people build or lovingly restore homes. Houses hold memories of happy times spent and special people met.
Everyone has places that are special to them in a personal way.
It is a special honour to be invited to capture a keepsake painting featuring a special house in someone's life. This painting is such a commission. I was actually very surprised when the collector contacted me asking if I'd be interested in creating a painting of his beloved historic home. He is designing, building and also renovating custom luxury homes.
As you know, I'm more an impressionist, meaning that I'm more interested in colour than correct angles, haha. So, this one was going to be a challenge and I knew it! As an added level, the collector asked for an oil painting. So, I knew I had to put aside extra time to not feel rushed. Also to give myself sufficient time to tip-toe into this commission piece.

Creating the Painting:

And time it took- this little 8x10in oil was occupying my mind and brush for almost a month!
What proofed a challenge was that white clapboard siding, few shadow areas, working from multiple photos taken at various times of year showing various sunlight at various angles.
My aim was to keep correct the angles of the architecture (well, as good as I could manage that is). Also to keep colours crisp and clean while playing with pushing the white towards different tints such as pinks, yellows, blues, purples and so on. Just the tiniest smidge of yellow warms pure titanium white to look sunny and friendly. On the other hand, just a bit too much makes it appear like yellow siding. Also, if a warmed white is put next to a cold, blueish white, the contrast between both colours shifts the cold colour backwards and lifts the warmer colour to the front.
I went back-and-forth. I adjusted angles, whites- and scraping off again. Yup, and I applied paint again and eventually got a pretty good feeling of the home. Yes, I was glad when I could finally say: yes, this painting is finished, I'm OK with it! I learned so much like applying layers, adjusting temperatures and adding pops of colour and I really have to say it has grown on me and I had fun along the way.

What a surprise when the collector came and not only picked up the commissioned oil painting, but the (below) watercolour as well. I hope both paintings will be a sweet memory of their beautiful home! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture your special place!
Augustus Hall Commission 8x10in, watercolour, sold

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