Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plein air paint-out and 'Pool Painting'

Saint John Power Boat Club
watercolour 11x14in approx. 27x35cm Aquarell

yesterday was a busy day painting with the 'plein air painters of the bay of fundy'- annual paint out. this year in Saint John with the show beeing on display at the Saint John Arts Center from June 24- September 4th 2010.
it was great meeting up with the other artists and soon afterwards everyone headed to their chosen painting spot and only a couple of us were still at the Saint John Power Boat Club marina painting away mid afternoon. the morning i spent painting this acrylic near the SJAC to be close for the noon meet-up.

Saint John View
Acrylic on panel 6x8in 15x20cm Acryl
today i didn't make it unfortunately due to restaurant (our business) obligations and our 3 children missing their mom.
below is the big Pool Painting i did a couple months back and never seem to find the time to blog about in depth.
It was meant to go into the humid pool area i choose high quality metal primed sign board and ASTM non-toxic sign paint (for the initial 'block in') and artists acrylics for the over layers.
out came a bright swirly and vibrant painting which i hope the viewer finds joyful and stimulating.
our inn pool will not be built this year- too many delays- but i had great fun 'going big'.
the size is 8ftx8ft and i had it attached to our living room wall while i painted it.
you can see it 'in persona' at the 'fundy artists' sale and show at the fairmont algonquin end of july.
thanks for visiting!
Fire and Ice- and me diptych
acrylic on sign board

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