Monday, December 28, 2015

Submission Call for January Camper-a-Day

January 2016 Submission call for vintage campers- read on...
I hope this post finds you well and relaxed! With the old year coming to a close and the new year about to start, I am thinking
Glampers on the Loose Vintage Camper Collage
what better way to start off my new year with getting my painting gear out and painting beloved campers!??
I will again paint one camper a day for the month of January and feature it on my blog, Facebook page and website.
I'm one of the globally participating artists in Leslie Saeta's painting challenge.

Want to participate?

If you own a vintage camper or car and would like to submit a photo resulting possibly in a painting, please submit your photo to my email: or attach it in a FB message (Simone Ritter Art). By doing so,...
  • You will give me permission to use your photo for creating a small watercolour painting and offering the finished painting for sale.
  • You may purchase the painting if you so wish, however there's no obligation from your side to do so.
  • If I receive more than 31 photos, I reserve the right to choose specific photos over others, depending on clarity, contrast and colour harmony of the submission photos. If you are looking for a commissioned artwork in a size of your choosing, please email me directly for a quote.
  • The finished painting will be featured on my blog and facebook page and in a collage of all Janurary paintings.
  • I will not share your name and email address, if your camper has a nickname or is a business you'd like to share, I might include it.
  • I might select a few paintings to be made into greeting cards, calendars or other print-products. If you'd be interested to have your camper featured, let me know. Only campers that I have written permission will be selected.
There's nothing to loose and a fun time to join me! I hope you can journey with me! I'm looking forward to your sweet vintage campers and car submissions!
Thank you and stay in touch and blessings to you!                                                             Simone
Vintage Camper Portraits Collage

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to You!

Merry Christmas from Simone Ritter Art

Merry Christmas to you!  What a busy month it has been, what a busy year-  thank YOU so much for journeying with me!

I have wrapped and packed and shipped and imported and exported calendars, books and paintings. Another successful art open house has come and gone, been able to go to Sunbury Shores Art Opening with some of my works on display, and decorated- and re-decorated our restaurant with my paintings. Yes, what a busy and fun month it has been! I have met many new wonderful new people and gotten a chance to meet up with friends.Thank you for all your encouragement and support this past year!
Now, I am baking cookies with the kids and write Christmas Cards and enjoy our decorated tree. It's time to take a couple days rest- well, not quite... but I'll tell you about this in my next post;-)
In all the busy-ness I was looking for some quiet time and what better time than to sit down and take the paints out? It's like meditation in 'palette form'. I painted my own campie in its holiday finery! After about 70 camper portraits I've taken the time to paint my own. Here it is, my 'Little Wings'. The painting is not for sale though, it's my own Christmas gift to me, ha ha.
While the kids are home and school is out for the year, I like taking them to the local ice rink to do skating. In Germany I think I skated the very first time when I was 15 years old. During a school excursion the bus drove us to Switzerland to an ice arena and it was the highlight to put on skates for the first time. Well, little did I know that I would move to Canada a few years later where every little town has its own ice skating arena... so, my kids go skating on the family season's pass. Mother still is barely able to stay on the skates, but I'm getting better bit by bit. It's cold in our arena, too, so I opted to take my 'guerilla' painting kit with me to paint while the gang had fun on the ice.
As I was getting myself set up, looking for subject matter to paint, I see this young couple: a gorgeous young woman apparently just learning to skate and a handsome young lad gently helping her along. Her black pants sported white bum and knees from some falls but her spirit was bright and he was very encouraging. Everyone could see the sparks fly. I couldn't help but paint them holding hands skating slowly by. At the end, I couldn't help but give them the painting as a little memento.
Girls_skating_2015_Simone-Ritter-Art_Watercolour 5x3.5in approx.

...I wish you a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and a few relaxing days. Thank you for stopping by and stay in touch!    love, Simone


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Annual Europa Inn Art Open House

You are cordially invited to our annual Art-Open-House at Europa Inn!

Markus and Simone Ritter invite you the Europa Inn Open House
this Saturday, December 5th, 2015. 9am-3pm!

This will be a very busy weekend for us again with our Christmas Art Open House. On Saturday, December 5th, 2015, 9am-3pm, 12 different artists and artisans coming and showcasing their works for anyone interested. I always try and invite people that have not previously exhibited and am proud to introduce my friend                                                                                                         
Natasha Tessmann who just moved to town a few months ago: she is sewing the cutest one-of-a-kind stuffies along with kitchen-witches and some painted art. All her works are whimsy, bright and cheery. I am encouraging her to open an online store as I have never seen anything like her works. She makes everything from scratch, even the little faces, fingers and accessories! She is fun to talk to and very positive as a person, I think anyone stopping in will enjoy meeting her!
Another artist I am proud to introduce is local pastel artist Helen Stevenson. Helen has worked exclusively in pastel for a few years now and her work is quite exquisite. Her colour sense is refined and she has been painting almost daily for many months now. It is mostly local land- and seascapes that she features, but she takes her pastels with her on her travels. She works often in small format. Helen had doubts to be ready for the show, but I am sure she will be a wonderful addition to our set of artists! Come check her works- you will be amazed!If you are interested in woodworks,                                                                                   I am excited to have Colin Green's petit woodworks available. His darling wife Jessi will be at the booth answering your questions and selling. From small jars with lids, bowls to spoons and tree ornaments, there is something for everyone to discover. As every year, I am pleased to have Joe Hunt from Mascarene Woodworks offer his high quality and sought after wooden bowls with us.
Anne Hill Watercolours
One local artist, Mabel Ketchum, a St. Andrews household name who has been designing many of the 'St. Andrews Trade Dollars' has just picked up the paintbrush again this year and been busy creating a most wonderful series of fun, whimsy, encouraging women paintings and cards. There is a total of 21 different images available- the perfect way to send a smile to that special friend! I have seen some, but not all and am really looking forward to her exhibiting.
If you love teddies and fabric works, check out Barbie Smith's display. Her second year with us, she is a great addition and brings insight and expertise to anyone interested in collecting, giving or looking-to-give a personalized teddy to a child or adult. Everything is handmade, too, bear AND accessories. You will see classic to hip, and get a smile and good conversation from this local, retired high school teacher.
St. George, Mascarene landscape artist Anne Hill will be exhibiting with us this year, too. Check out her bright, whimsy landscape works: using three colours- one brush method that both Barbara Neilson and I are using, too, she is a student also of Chinkok Tan who comes every summer to St. Andrews to teach his method. Barbara Neilson, who many of you know will have a new array of greeting cards available along with her super large size watercolour paintings.
Lynne Bowland Glass Lamp Bead and Jewellery Artist
For jewellery and sewn gifts we are proud to have back with us lamp bead artist from Deer Island Lynne Bowland who's exquisite craftsmanship has a loyal following, local and aboard; she sells on Etsy, too and I'm a big fan of her works! Bertha Day from right here in St. Andrews will have an enticing dispay at our Art-Open-House of fabric and yarn wearable art. Earrings, one-of-a-kind travel scarfs, cards, brooches bangle bracelets and many more- most are easy-to-mail and the perfect pick-me-up gift or stocking stuffer. She is always very busy selling and talking to interested customers.
One more Deer Island artist- did I say yet that Deer Island is a VERY creative place??? Award winning surrealist and landscape artist Jerome Andrews has his very own unique style that he's been developing with a productiveness and relentless work ethic that not many artists have like him. His dear wife, Jenny shared with me that he walks over to his ocean front studio every day, working hours on pieces, developing characters that are a cross between fantasy and surreal storytelling. Truly a one-of-a-kind we are proud to have share his works with you!
Of course, you have seen my works on here and for the first time in a few years, I will actually have my own proper table and display at our open house! I've been wrapping, packing, sorting, printing to get ready, only two more sleeps- excited! I hope you can come, I'd love to see you and I'm sure you will not regret and maybe even make it a new annual tradition to stop by Europa Inn Art-Open-House
Jerome Andrews Art

Friday, November 27, 2015

My 2016 Calendar

This past year I have painted about 70 Vintage Camper Caravans.
It has been one of the most rewarding and fun journeys and along the way I have met the most wonderful people!
They are passionate about their little, vintage treasures- from canned ham and tin can to  fiberglass, from Airstream to Shasta, Scotty, and Boler and everything in between. They ranged from from the 50s to the 70s, from American to Canadian to European and even New Zealand.
I have learned so much and have become a better painter. I got asked numerous times throughout the year to offer a calendar, so I finally pushed myself to doing it- and I have to admit- it was a fun and rewarding process.
I am somewhat of a procrastinator when it comes to broadening my little art endeavour as I really enjoy the painting process- but I have to grow to embrace the people interested in the process of it and getting glimpses of this journey. I hope my 2016 Calendar will do this.
The first shipment was sold out within 48 hours, so I am happy to announce that another shipment has arrived. I will ship to the US from the US Post office twice a week until Christmas and after that as orders come in- this is much faster than shipping from Canada to the US which might take up to 3 weeks.
Also, for anyone interested in receiving my newsletter, I will ship out the greeting card gifts in a few days, you will receive an email asking for your interest: landscape/floral cards or vintage camper cards and your mailing address- I can only mail with an address, ha ha! Of course I WILL NOT sell or spam your email and address!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blueberry Fields Forever and my NEW WEBSITE!

Blueberry Fields Forever #1
orig. watercolour 8.5x15 in approx (ca. 21.5x37.5cm)
more info and purchase: click here

Well, we don't have many strawberry fields here in New Brunswick, Canada, but many, many blueberry fields. Of course, we are bordering Maine, US, so well known for their wild blueberries.
Here is what Wikipedia says: Atlantic Canada contributes approximately half of the total North American wild/lowbush (blueberry) annual production of 68,000 t (150,000,000 lb).
When we drive up to the city (Saint John), we drive by lovely red blueberry fields near St. George. The leaves turn flaming red in the fall and early winter, really wonderful. I drove by this field so many times thinking I should paint this especially with the one evergreen Tree growing in the middle of the field. So, now I finally did it! I am so glad I did, the paintings came so easy, it was a pure joy to paint them. Sometimes painting a painting is almost like tug-of-war, back and forth and back and forth until in the end I'm so exhausted I have to walk away... strange, isn't it? But here is was wonderfully relaxing, the paint stayed wet just long enough to blend in deeper, richer mixes and the red over orange mingled do smoothly.
Anyhow, enough talk, I hope you enjoy the paintings- I enjoyed painting them VERY much!
On another note: More and more of my Christmas Gift Products are coming in, in my BRAND NEW WEBSITE you find my brand new bookcalendarsgift tags and greeting cards... I hope you will take a moment to stop over! or subscribe to my newsletter- all subscribers will receive a gift in the next edition!
Thanks for stopping in!                                              stay in touch, Simone

   Blueberry Fields Forever #2
orig. watercolour 5x7in approx (13x17.5cm)
more info and purchase: click here

Naja, wir haben keine Erdbeerfelder hier in New Brunswick, Kanada, aber viele Blaubeerfelder. Natürlich, wir sind ja direkter Nachbar zum Staat Maine in den USA, so bekannt fuer den Blaubeerexport.
Auf Wikipedia heisst es dass Atlantik Kanada die Hälfte des Nordamerikanischen Marktanteils hat von den niedrigwachsenden /wilden Blaubeeren mit jährlicher Erntemenge von 68 000 Tonnen.
Wenn wir nach Saint John fahren, sehen wir die schoenen roten Blaubeerfelder nahe St. George. Die Blätter färben sich flammenrot im Herbst, richtig schoen! Ich bin an diesem Feld schon unzählige Male vorbeigefahren und habe immer gedacht, dass musst du unbedingt malen, besonders mit dem windschiefen Tannenbaum mitten im Feld. So, und nun habe ich es doch endlich gemacht! Die Aquarelle sind so leicht von der Hand gegangen dass es eine wahre Freude war! Manchmal ist das Malen eines Bildes eher wie ein Tauziehen- hin und zurück, hin-und zurück, bis zum Schluss einer aufgibt: oft laufe ich davon, komplett fix und alle... schon komisch, oder? Aber hier ging alles so entspannt zu, die Farbe trocknete nicht zu schnell und nicht zu langsam, genau richtig um über gelb-orange tiefere rottöne  zu legen und die Ränder ineinander übergehen zu lassen.
Genug g'schwaetzt, ich hoffe euch gefallen die zwei Aquarellbilder- mir haben sie unheimlich viel Spass bereitet!
Eine Kleine Meldung am Rande: Mehr und mehr Weihnachtsgeschenkartikel kommen an, die auf meiner GANZ NEUEN WEBSEITE zu finden sind, mein neues BuchKunstkalenderGeschenkanhaenger, Grusskarten... ich hoffe du kannst kurz vorbeischauen und vielleicht sogar fuer meinem kostenlosen Newsletter eintragen- jeder Abonnement bekommt ein kleines Dankeschön in der nächsten Ausgabe! 
 Bis bald!  eure Simone

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Little Miss Pitstop Serro Scotty

Little Miss PitStop Serro Scotty and Scooter Pepto
orig. watercolor 5x7in
more info and purchase: click here

Isn't this a cute glamper?? My daughter thinks pink is the best, so here we go, may I introduce: Little Miss PitStop, a Serro Scotty and matching pink scooter Pepto. She even has her own facebook page! you can check it out by clicking here.
I painted this watercolor painting on Friday while waiting at my kids' school for them to finish their week. The management is very generous and has a room for me at the school where I am free to paint, work on the computer or sketch while waiting for the kidlets. Now I look forward to the Fridays and to painting!
Do you have special rituals that make your waiting for weekend more enjoyable?
See you Soon! Simone

Ist dies nicht ein schnuckeliger Wohnwagen? Meine Tochter findet alles in pink ist klasse, so, darf ich nun vorstellen: Kleine Miss PitStop und passender Vespa Roller Pepto.
Ich malte dieses Bild am Freitag waehrend ich auf meine Kinder wartete bis sie in der Schule fertig waren. Die Lehrer haben sehr grosszuegig ein Zimmer fuer mich in dem ich malen kann oder am Computer arbeiten oder zeichnen bis die Kinder fertig sind. Nun freue ich mich auf Freitag und aufs Malen!
Hast du irgendein Ritual das dir das Warten auf's Wochenende versuesst?
Bis bald wieder!      Simone

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Painted Chair 'La Musica' for Fundraiser

Art Chair 'La Musica'
painted for Home Support Services Auction- Auction November 5, 2015
A couple of days ago, this chair was being picked up by Home Support Services of Charlotte County for an art fundraiser.
I painted it with my music-theme 'La Musica' featuring lifely music notes dancing, a treble clef in bright green, and piano keyboard; all on burgundy background with purple and dark green accents. I used outdoor artist grade mural acrylic paints and gave it 3 coats of varnish. I hope it will find a good home and bring some extra funds for 'Home Support Services'.
Home Support Services Inc. is a not-for-profit, governed by a volunteer board of directors.Their qualified Home Support Workers provide assistance in personal care, housekeeping duties, meal preparation and transportation. Their Mission is to provide assistance to people living in Charlotte County allowing them to remain living in their own homes.
Here is what their facebook event write-up says:
'We are participating in the Health and Wellness Fair being held November 05th in St. Andrews at the Community College beginning at 10:30-2:30. The Fair itself is free of charge, however there is also a luncheon being held from 12:30-1:30. The charge is $20.00. If you are interested in reserving a seat please call Kim Garron at 529 5044
AND We are also holding our very first Chair-ity Auction, beginning at 2:00PM 
6 local artists will be presenting their art work on their chairs, to be auctioned off. Proceeds will go to Home Support Services.
We really hope you join us for the fun.'
I hope they can collect extra funds and awareness for their program, it was an honour being asked to participate. Best of luck!

Vor ein paar Tagen wurde wurde dieser Stuhl abgeholt fuer eine Benefizauktion fuer 'Home Support Services of Charlotte County' (Sie helfen Menschen zuhause mit häuslicher Pflege, Hausputzarbeiten und Essenszubereitung und Autofahrten zum Einkaufen und Doktor, helfen Menschen in Charlotte County, länger in ihrem eigenen zuhause wohnen zu können.)
6 Künstler bemalten Stühle, die dann in einer Autktion versteigert werden. Das Event ist am 5. November, 2015, im St. Andrews Community College (Berufsschule).
Ich hoffe, sie können extra Geld sammeln fuer ihr Programm, es war eine Ehre mitmachen zu können. Viel Glück!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween with Trailer Trash Diva and Deville Camper 'Kelly Sue'

Trailer Trash Diva
orig. watercolor, 5x7in
more info and purchase: click here

Today's featured campers are just in time for Halloween.
No, they don't sport orange and black colours or ghoulish decor, but are bright and colourful, just how I like Halloween.
Yes, I never grew up with Halloween and only knew it from imported TV shows such as: 'Tooltime' and other staples of the 80's and 90's.
I thought this holiday was of the crazy kind, but after arriving here in Canada, I quickly noticed that those TV shows didn't fake it at all and Halloween was what is was portrait as.
I can remember, on our very first year here, I went to the local drug store and saw in their retail section a black chip-bowl which looked interesting. It had a skeleton hand mounted on it's rim, which I thought pretty bizarre, so I picked it up to investigate...
... well, the hand moved and grabbed my arm!!!!!!!              I screamed BLOODY MURDER and flung that bowl through the store! All patrons and staff came rushing to my help, but after seeing me, oh well.... I had introduced myself pretty quickly to the locals that way, ha ha.

So, coming back to my point: Colourful and cheery is my kind of Halloween anytime!
I'm very busy building a new website and adding new products to it every day. It looks good, I like it very much!  I am looking forward to going 'live' in the next couple of weeks- so stay tuned- welcome specials and freebies, too!

Vintage Deville Camper 'Kelly Sue'
orig. watercolour, 5x7in

Thursday, October 15, 2015

'All Done' Sold and Indulge Festival

'All Done'
orig. watercolour 22x30 approx.

Thank you to the collectors who bought my painting 'All Done'. Thank you!
My favourite St. Andrews fishing boat.

This weekend it is Indulge time in St. Andrews. A gourmet and food festival to 
tantalize your senses. If you have a day or two, stop on down, we'd love to have you!
From 'Wine Trail' to 'Taste of St. Andrews' to Fine Special Dinners, market, music and shopping, there's 
something for everyone!

Acadia National Park- Painting at Seawall

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Paintings from Acadia National Park and a Caravan from New Zealand

Claris Caravan #2
orig. watercolour 5x7in
more info and purchase: click here

May I introduce: Claris Caravan from New Zealand! This is a commission and as I wasn't sure what the owner wanted in their campie portrait, I did paint two paintings. One is already on its way to New Zealand, the other is available here.
Claris is quite the VIC ('Very Important Camper/Caravan), she was already cover model in a magazine, in fashion photo shoot and has her own biz as event rental! What an honour! You can check out her FB page and an article about her by clicking.

Claris Caravan #1
orig. watercolour 5x7in
commission, sold

Last week I was painting at Acadia National Park and had a great time. Here's a photo of the paintings created, which I will blog about in the coming days.

#clariscaravan #vintagecamperart #glamping #aquarell #vintagecamperlove

Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Rocks at the Beach
orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here

A Happy Thanksgiving I'm sending to you! Our family spent the afternoon at New River Beach where Markus flew his RC planes and the kids kept busy playing in the sand and surf while mom (me) enjoyed painting these two watercolour paintings.
Tomorrow it is 'back to school' for the kidlets after a long weekend, I enjoy the drive in the mornings seeing the fall colours and the fog lifting from the meadows, a magical time of year. If you are looking for something fun to do next weekend, check out St. Andrews' 'Indulge Festival' with all good food all over town; from wine trail to gourmet dinners to Taste of St. Andrews food trail. There is something for everyone, if you haven't stopped down for it yet, maybe this year will just be the perfect time to start!

Walking at the Beach
orig. watercolour 4x7in
more info and purchase: click here

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a work-in-progress commission for a client that had purchased a painting in 2008 and was looking for some companion pieces. I have just finished the commission and they are already on the way home to Toronto. Here are the paintings:

Flower Medley- 3 piece
acrylic on canvas 24x54in total
commission, sold

Schoene Erntedankfest Gruesse schicke ich euch! Unsere Familie genoss den Nachmittag bei New River Strand, Markus flog seine Ferngesteuerten Flugzeuge und die Kinder hatten Spass im Sand und den Wellen zu spielen waehrend ich diese beiden Aquarelle gemalt habe.
Morgen geht's wieder in die Schule fuer die Kiddies nach dem langen Wochenende; ich geniesse die Autofahrt jeden Morgen mit den Indian Summer Farben und den Nebelschwaden die aus den Senken steigen, das sieht so magisch schoen aus. 
Falls du noch keine Plaene fuer's Wochenende hast, komm doch zum St. Andrews 'Indulge Festival' mit gutem Essen an jedem Eck, Weinstrasse, Gourmet Dinners und vieles mehr. Da ist fuer jeden etwas geboten und falls du noch nie die Zeit gefunden hattest waere dies vielleicht das perfekte Jahr vorbeizuschauen!

Vor ein paar Wochen habe ich geschrieben von einer Auftragsarbeit; ein Kunde hatte ein Bild gekauft 2008 und wollte jetzt zwei weitere Bilder im gleichen Stil dazuhaben. Ich habe dies nun fertiggestellt und die Gemaelde sind auf ihrem Weg nach Toronto.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Ritters- enjoying the day at New River Beach, NB

#enpleinairpainting #thanksgiving #newriverbeach #aquarell

Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Camper Collage

Yey, I did it! I painted every day of September and came up with 28 camper portraits, 1 camper interior and 4 non-related paintings!
I'm so tired, but so happy to have pushed myself to not give up!
And I am happy to share this collage with you, showcasing all the featured campers from September 2015!
Thanks to all that purchased a painting, $100 were donated to a local girl with cancer and $280 to 'Doctors without Borders', thank you!

If your campie wasn't chosen, or if you heard about it late, please know that I am planning to paint more campies already submitted as the weeks go on and in January there will be another 'painting a day' challenge happening with host Leslie Saeta, which I am planning  to participate. Also, commissions are welcome, larger sizes, too!
In the meantime, I invite you to sign up for  my newsletter which will inform you of any upcoming events and specials, or just follow me on my Facebook page: Simone Ritter Art. 
Thank you again, and stay in touch!                                                                    Simone

Yey, Ich hab's geschafft! Ich malte jeden Tag im September und habe 28 Wohnwagenportraits, 1 Wohnwageninterieur und 4 Nicht-Wohnwagenbilder gemalt!
Ich bin jetzt sooo muede, aber auch so froh dass ich mich angestrengt habe und nicht aufgegeben!
Und ich freue mich, dir diese Collage vorzustellen, mit all den Campern vom vergangen September 2015!
Insgesamt wurden durch verkaufte Bilder 100$ an ein krebskrankes Maedchen aus St. Andrews und 280$ gespendet an 'Doctors without Borders' ('Aerzte ohne Grenzen'). Vielen Dank!

Falls dein Wohnwagen nicht dabei ist, oder du zu spaet davon erfahren hast, keine Verzweiflung, denn ich nehme mir vor, in den kommenden Wochen ab und zu mehr Camper zu malen und im Januar gibt es wieder eine neue Challenge von Leslie Saeta, bei der ich plane wieder mitzumachen. Auftragsarbeiten sind gerne jederzeit willkommen, groesser ist auch kein Problem!

In der Zwischenzeit lade ich dich ein, bei meinen Newsletter mitzumachen und so ueber Neuigkeiten und Specials immer informiert zu bleiben; oder einfach auf meiner Facebook Seite vorbeizuschauen (auch ohne FB Konto moeglich): Simone Ritter Art
Vielen Lieben Dank nochmal und bis bald wieder!                                   Simone

#30in30 #thirtypaintingsinthirtydays #vintagecamperlove #glamping #vintagecamper #cannedhamcamper

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last Day painting a 'Camper a Day'

Itsy Bitsy
orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here

This is the last day for painting a sweet vintage camper a day. It is almost midnight here, so I have to hurry to finish in time!
I painted two campies today, and still have so many more submissions that I didn't get around to paint. I'm so sorry if I haven't painted your vintage treasure this September. I am planning to paint more in the coming weeks, but do need a break now to catch up on house work and getting my bags packed for a few days away (painting with my friend Kim Hoerster from Texas who is an artist and instructor offeringwatercolour classes in her Texas Studio).
Cozy Kit 1966 Kit Champion
 orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here

Today we have been hit by massive Rainstorms and mega tides which flooded local areas. Thank goodness, we are a few meters up from the ocean (maybe 2 or 3 meters only), and when we drove up to the hospital for Mathias' appointment we got home just before the rain really started. His test was great, his hearing is wonderful! Yey! 

Thank you all for walking with me this past month, I had much fun and appreciate all your kind comments of encouragement, and your Camper stories shared and photos submitted! Thank you to Leslie Saeta for encouraging us to paint alongside daily this September!
I hope we can stay in touch and I'll be posting here soon again (campers or travel;-)    Thank you!                                  Simone

#30in30 #30paintingsin30days #vintagecamperart #watercolormagic

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yardsale Hunter in Pink

Yardsale Hunter in Pink
orig. watercolor 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here

Camper of the Day is this pink hunter-gatherer.
Her owner wrote: "Love your paintings. Submitted before when you first asked but went camping and "Junkin" this weekend just wanted to share some of the fun."
Isn't this sweet: first she helps me by sending a photo and then sends some more showing all the treasures found on this very successful 'Junkin' trip! Gotta love these 'vintage campin' ladies'! 

As this month is drawing to a close, I have to say, I loved going on a daily journey by painting different themed campers, some very traditional, others hip and funky, from many different States. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Let's see what tomorrow brings! Well I know I'll be at the hospital with my youngest for a hearing test... hope all will be OK...       Simone

Wohnwagen des Tages ist dieser rosafarbene Jaeger-Sammler.
Ihr Besitzer schrieb: "Ich mag deine Bilder. Ich habe dir schon ein Foto geschickt, ganz am Anfang als du zum ersten Mal gefragt hattest; aber jetzt war ich dieses Wochenende camping und 'junkin' (keine klare Uebersetzung, so in etwa: 'G'ruschten', 'Flohmarkten') und so will ich dir hier Eindrücke von meinen Spass (Beute) schicken."
Ist das nicht nett: erst hilft sie mir indem sie ein Foto emailed und dann ist sie so lieb und schickt mir mehr Fotos mit all den Schaetzen die sie gefunden hat auf ihrem 'Junkin' Ausflug. Man muss diese Glamper-ladies einfach liebhaben!

Wie jetzt dieser Monat zuende geht, muss ich sagen dass es mir so viel Spass gemacht hat, jeden Tag auf eine neue Reise zu gehen mit den täglichen Wohnwagenbildern, manche waren sehr klassisch gehalten, andere richtig aufgestyled und hip, viele verschiedene Staten (US Bundesländer) waren dabei. Danke von ganzem Herzen!!

Mal sehen was morgen bringt! Hörtest fuer unseren Kleinsten, hoffentlich ist alles OK...                                      Simone

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Monday, September 28, 2015

'Canned Glam'

'Canned Glam'
orig. watercolour 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here

Our Camper-of-the-Day is this girly 'Canned Glam'. Of course, my daughter Sabrina told me from the beginning, I should be painting this beauty. But in all honesty, it freaked me a bit to see all the small shapes and the lady silhouette needs to be bang-on for the painting to work.
I took my time, inching myself toward the goal of getting proportions right.

Unser Wohnwagen des Tages ist dieser feminine 'Canned Glam'. Natuerlich wollte unsere Sabrina von Anfang an, dass ich ihn male, aber in aller Offenheit muss ich gestehen, dass mich die vielen kleinen Formen, Farben und speziell die Silhouette an der Eingangstuere abgeschreckt haben. Speziell die Silhouette muss wirlich getreu widergegeben werden, damit die Komposition wirkt.
Ich liess mir also Zeit, schlich mich langsam voran, mein Ziel nicht aus den Augen verlierend...


orig. watercolour, 5x7in approx.
more info and purchase: click here

Today we have a sister camper to yesterday's 'Beer Barrel Betty'.
Her name is 'Lucille' and by what I can see, she is stationary parked with deck, flowers and decor. How great is this: have two campies- one for travel and one for holiday-at-home!
Nighty night, I'm off to zzz, already 12:30am past...(again)...                                                                 Simone

Heute haben wir den Schwestercamper von der gestrigen 'Beer Barrel Betty'.
Ihr Name ist 'Lucille' and so wie ich das sehe, ist sie permanent geparkt; mit eigenem Deck, Blumen und Dekor. Wie toll ist day: Zwei Wohnwagen zu haben: einer zum verreisen und einer fuer den 'Urlaub auf Balkonien'!
Es ist schon wieder spaet: 0:30 Uhr vorbei... ab in die Heia...                                                                Simone

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