Monday, December 28, 2015

Submission Call for January Camper-a-Day

January 2016 Submission call for vintage campers- read on...
I hope this post finds you well and relaxed! With the old year coming to a close and the new year about to start, I am thinking
Glampers on the Loose Vintage Camper Collage
what better way to start off my new year with getting my painting gear out and painting beloved campers!??
I will again paint one camper a day for the month of January and feature it on my blog, Facebook page and website.
I'm one of the globally participating artists in Leslie Saeta's painting challenge.

Want to participate?

If you own a vintage camper or car and would like to submit a photo resulting possibly in a painting, please submit your photo to my email: or attach it in a FB message (Simone Ritter Art). By doing so,...
  • You will give me permission to use your photo for creating a small watercolour painting and offering the finished painting for sale.
  • You may purchase the painting if you so wish, however there's no obligation from your side to do so.
  • If I receive more than 31 photos, I reserve the right to choose specific photos over others, depending on clarity, contrast and colour harmony of the submission photos. If you are looking for a commissioned artwork in a size of your choosing, please email me directly for a quote.
  • The finished painting will be featured on my blog and facebook page and in a collage of all Janurary paintings.
  • I will not share your name and email address, if your camper has a nickname or is a business you'd like to share, I might include it.
  • I might select a few paintings to be made into greeting cards, calendars or other print-products. If you'd be interested to have your camper featured, let me know. Only campers that I have written permission will be selected.
There's nothing to loose and a fun time to join me! I hope you can journey with me! I'm looking forward to your sweet vintage campers and car submissions!
Thank you and stay in touch and blessings to you!                                                             Simone
Vintage Camper Portraits Collage

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to You!

Merry Christmas from Simone Ritter Art

Merry Christmas to you!  What a busy month it has been, what a busy year-  thank YOU so much for journeying with me!

I have wrapped and packed and shipped and imported and exported calendars, books and paintings. Another successful art open house has come and gone, been able to go to Sunbury Shores Art Opening with some of my works on display, and decorated- and re-decorated our restaurant with my paintings. Yes, what a busy and fun month it has been! I have met many new wonderful new people and gotten a chance to meet up with friends.Thank you for all your encouragement and support this past year!
Now, I am baking cookies with the kids and write Christmas Cards and enjoy our decorated tree. It's time to take a couple days rest- well, not quite... but I'll tell you about this in my next post;-)
In all the busy-ness I was looking for some quiet time and what better time than to sit down and take the paints out? It's like meditation in 'palette form'. I painted my own campie in its holiday finery! After about 70 camper portraits I've taken the time to paint my own. Here it is, my 'Little Wings'. The painting is not for sale though, it's my own Christmas gift to me, ha ha.
While the kids are home and school is out for the year, I like taking them to the local ice rink to do skating. In Germany I think I skated the very first time when I was 15 years old. During a school excursion the bus drove us to Switzerland to an ice arena and it was the highlight to put on skates for the first time. Well, little did I know that I would move to Canada a few years later where every little town has its own ice skating arena... so, my kids go skating on the family season's pass. Mother still is barely able to stay on the skates, but I'm getting better bit by bit. It's cold in our arena, too, so I opted to take my 'guerilla' painting kit with me to paint while the gang had fun on the ice.
As I was getting myself set up, looking for subject matter to paint, I see this young couple: a gorgeous young woman apparently just learning to skate and a handsome young lad gently helping her along. Her black pants sported white bum and knees from some falls but her spirit was bright and he was very encouraging. Everyone could see the sparks fly. I couldn't help but paint them holding hands skating slowly by. At the end, I couldn't help but give them the painting as a little memento.
Girls_skating_2015_Simone-Ritter-Art_Watercolour 5x3.5in approx.

...I wish you a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and a few relaxing days. Thank you for stopping by and stay in touch!    love, Simone


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Annual Europa Inn Art Open House

You are cordially invited to our annual Art-Open-House at Europa Inn!

Markus and Simone Ritter invite you the Europa Inn Open House
this Saturday, December 5th, 2015. 9am-3pm!

This will be a very busy weekend for us again with our Christmas Art Open House. On Saturday, December 5th, 2015, 9am-3pm, 12 different artists and artisans coming and showcasing their works for anyone interested. I always try and invite people that have not previously exhibited and am proud to introduce my friend                                                                                                         
Natasha Tessmann who just moved to town a few months ago: she is sewing the cutest one-of-a-kind stuffies along with kitchen-witches and some painted art. All her works are whimsy, bright and cheery. I am encouraging her to open an online store as I have never seen anything like her works. She makes everything from scratch, even the little faces, fingers and accessories! She is fun to talk to and very positive as a person, I think anyone stopping in will enjoy meeting her!
Another artist I am proud to introduce is local pastel artist Helen Stevenson. Helen has worked exclusively in pastel for a few years now and her work is quite exquisite. Her colour sense is refined and she has been painting almost daily for many months now. It is mostly local land- and seascapes that she features, but she takes her pastels with her on her travels. She works often in small format. Helen had doubts to be ready for the show, but I am sure she will be a wonderful addition to our set of artists! Come check her works- you will be amazed!If you are interested in woodworks,                                                                                   I am excited to have Colin Green's petit woodworks available. His darling wife Jessi will be at the booth answering your questions and selling. From small jars with lids, bowls to spoons and tree ornaments, there is something for everyone to discover. As every year, I am pleased to have Joe Hunt from Mascarene Woodworks offer his high quality and sought after wooden bowls with us.
Anne Hill Watercolours
One local artist, Mabel Ketchum, a St. Andrews household name who has been designing many of the 'St. Andrews Trade Dollars' has just picked up the paintbrush again this year and been busy creating a most wonderful series of fun, whimsy, encouraging women paintings and cards. There is a total of 21 different images available- the perfect way to send a smile to that special friend! I have seen some, but not all and am really looking forward to her exhibiting.
If you love teddies and fabric works, check out Barbie Smith's display. Her second year with us, she is a great addition and brings insight and expertise to anyone interested in collecting, giving or looking-to-give a personalized teddy to a child or adult. Everything is handmade, too, bear AND accessories. You will see classic to hip, and get a smile and good conversation from this local, retired high school teacher.
St. George, Mascarene landscape artist Anne Hill will be exhibiting with us this year, too. Check out her bright, whimsy landscape works: using three colours- one brush method that both Barbara Neilson and I are using, too, she is a student also of Chinkok Tan who comes every summer to St. Andrews to teach his method. Barbara Neilson, who many of you know will have a new array of greeting cards available along with her super large size watercolour paintings.
Lynne Bowland Glass Lamp Bead and Jewellery Artist
For jewellery and sewn gifts we are proud to have back with us lamp bead artist from Deer Island Lynne Bowland who's exquisite craftsmanship has a loyal following, local and aboard; she sells on Etsy, too and I'm a big fan of her works! Bertha Day from right here in St. Andrews will have an enticing dispay at our Art-Open-House of fabric and yarn wearable art. Earrings, one-of-a-kind travel scarfs, cards, brooches bangle bracelets and many more- most are easy-to-mail and the perfect pick-me-up gift or stocking stuffer. She is always very busy selling and talking to interested customers.
One more Deer Island artist- did I say yet that Deer Island is a VERY creative place??? Award winning surrealist and landscape artist Jerome Andrews has his very own unique style that he's been developing with a productiveness and relentless work ethic that not many artists have like him. His dear wife, Jenny shared with me that he walks over to his ocean front studio every day, working hours on pieces, developing characters that are a cross between fantasy and surreal storytelling. Truly a one-of-a-kind we are proud to have share his works with you!
Of course, you have seen my works on here and for the first time in a few years, I will actually have my own proper table and display at our open house! I've been wrapping, packing, sorting, printing to get ready, only two more sleeps- excited! I hope you can come, I'd love to see you and I'm sure you will not regret and maybe even make it a new annual tradition to stop by Europa Inn Art-Open-House
Jerome Andrews Art