Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Long Eddy Lighthouse


'Long Eddy Lighthouse', Grand Manan, NB

orig. watercolour 5x7in approx
On Display May 6-20, Sunbury Shores, St. Andrews, Canada
'Inspirations- Man Made and Human'

Today's Lighthouse is the Long Eddy Lighthouse on Grand Manan.
If you love nature and still pretty undiscovered coastline, visiting this island is for you!
Located in the Bay of Fundy, a 1.5 hour ferry ride from the main land, Grand Manan Island is still dominated by the fishing industry. You see lots of wharfs, fishing huts, windy roads, fishermen working, rustic clapboard houses, undisturbed nature and wild coast lines.

View from our cottage, the moon rising

Grand Harbour Light (Ross Island LIght) has since collapsed, so sad..

You can see many working wharfs

Some days are foggy but warm, making for moody scenery

long, undiscovered beaches

in the distance you can see the fog rolling in-and-out 

I have enjoyed painting the scenery during every visit I made- smelling the salt air, listening to the fog horns in the distance, buoys with bells that warn of shallow waters, purple wildflowers swaying in the breeze and the simple pleasure of staying right by the water in a small, rustic cottage, roasting marsh mallows in a fire right by the beach- what could be more calming and beautiful to the heart!? Plein air artists have enjoyed the wild romantic setting and come year after year to soak in, create and capture its beauty on canvas to share with the world.
My dad and kids enjoying fire by the beach
The summers are short here on the Canadian East Coast, and even shorter on the Islands around it. But man, do they put on a show! If you get a chance, take time to discover them! Bring your camper or rent a cottage (and with the US dollar so strong, Americans really get a steal of a deal this year travelling to Canada).
I've included some photos of my trips to the island to whet your appetite;-) thanks for stopping by!


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