Monday, March 21, 2016

Solo Show, a New Series and Egg Rock Light

East Coast Lighthouse #1:

Egg Rock Light (Mount Desert Island, Maine)

orig. watercolour, 21x29 in. approx.
On display May 6-20, Sunbury Shores Arts, St. Andrews, NB, Canada
I haven't posted here in a while, but have been busy 'behind the scenes'. Here is what's been going on:
After my camper-a-day challenge this January, our family took a little vacation to soak up some sun in Mexico (first time ever and it was just a wonderful break). On the third day there, I got a phone call from our local Art Center confirming my spot for a one-woman-show beginning of May... Needless to say, I've been going full-tilt on getting myself set-up and organized!!
My dear hubby has agreed to be the teacher for our kids to free me to paint. I have moved my studio out into one of our guest rooms to have peace and quiet without distractions. It has worked out well so far and I'm making head way.
The next few weeks I'll keep you posted on paintings I'm working on that will be at my exhibit

'Coastal Inspirations- Man Made and Human'

from May 6-20, 2016.

Vernissage Reception is Friday, May 6, 2016 at 6pm

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Center, St. Andrews, NB, Canada
Over the winter, I have also put in hours sketching -I will tell you all about it at later posts. It surely has been a busy, art filled winter this year- yey, makes my heart sing!
About today's painting: During trip to Bar Harbor, Maine for our 10th Anniversary we took a 'lighthouse boat tour' and I was clicking away with the camera. This Lighthouse was one of the featured one of that day. Egg Rock Light was constructed 1875, marking the entrance to Frenchman Bay, near Winter Harbor. It is important for the increased seasonal ferry traffic and it stands 40 feet tall. I like the dominant play of light and shade in this painting. I kept the shadows a cold, redish-purple to balance all the blues in sky and water.
With this, I wish you a great start into this week, all the best and 'stay in touch'! Thank you for your interest!

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