Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Southwest Head Lighthouse

Southwest Head Lighthouse- Grand Manan, NB
orig. watercolor, 5x7in approx.
see it in person at Sunbury Shores Arts Center May 6-20, 2016
This little painting is based on my visit at the Grand Manan Island. I have blogged about it before, you can read about it here.
The cliffs are super steep and the foghorn is mega loud- it almost took me off my feet when I stepped out off my car! The region is quite foggy by nature, so be aware and enjoy it for the moody scenery- of course on a clear day enjoy the view (and if you're lucky enough you apparently can spot two other lighthouses in the distance!)
There are beautiful beaches close by, so pack a picnic and enjoy the day.
My time for the Show at Sunbury Shores is coming fast,                                                                  so I'll be heading out to paint hopefully tomorrow early for a couple of days on Campobello Island. I have packed my 'Little Wings Campie' already, just have to finish a few last details (like an extra heater as we are still around freezing point at night) and load the art supplies (which actually might fill that little one to the brim, ha ha). I'm so excited as a local couple have invited me to boon dock with my trailer at their home. They run a successful Campobello Island Tour Company and are advocates in camping adventure travel. You can read more about Peter and his wife Beatrix on their busy blog by clicking here. I'm looking forward to meeting them in person as Peter and I had nice chats so far on facebook- it feels like meeting a friend for the first time- crazy, ey?
More lighthouses to come- and I'll keep you posted once I return!
Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon again!             Simone

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