Monday, April 4, 2016

Swallowtail Lighthouse #2

Swallowtail #2 Lighthouse_Simone-Ritter-Art_watercolour-2016_21x29

Swallowtail Lighthouse #2

orig. watercolour 22x30in approx.
see it in person at Sunbury Shores Arts Center from May 6-20, 2016
This is another, big, full sheet 22x30in watercolour painting of my beloved Swallowtail Lighthouse on Grand Manan Island, I call it Swallowtail Lighthouse #2, here is my first painting of it from a few days ago. Have you booked your vacation there yet??? I am certainly thinking about it now after painting scenery from my last visit. My time seems to run for this upcoming show beginning of May and honestly, I'm getting somewhat in a frenzy of having all my ducks (aka: paintings) in a row. Too bad when one is loving to have events 'under control'- welcome to life, Simone, ha ha!
Markus, bless his heart, has been so great doing the schooling with the kids. It frees me to focus on the painting and organizing!
I took my Little Wings campie out a few days ago, cannot wait for warmer weather. I dragged Markus to hitch it up and do a photo shoot by Indian Point for my new designed website. Here is one of the photos, which I made now the header of my social sites and website. I'm planning a few outings soon to paint en plein air some more of the local lighthouses. I have more people now helping me find 'hidden treasures', not known to the regular tourist- wohoo- lighthouse scouting!

I'm still at Roos Schuring's marketing course which of course I'm limping behind, but I tell myself that: eating an elephant is done one bite at a time. So the remodel of this website will be an ongoing endeavour for a few more weeks (months?).
Today I got sad news that a friend had jumped off a bridge. He didn't see a way out of his depression. My heart is heavy now, hope to visit him soon this week. Often do we feel lonely and forget how much we are loved by others. God, please cradle him in your loving arms.
Thank you for stopping in, stay in touch and see you soon again!                     Simone

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