Tuesday, September 13, 2016

1953 King Canned Ham

1953 King Canned Ham

orig. watercolor, 11x14in approx.

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Today's sweet camper is this 1953 King Canned Ham. It sports a polished exterior and very simplistic decor, so I really liked this desert theme very much and choose to paint it.

Here is what its proud owner writes:

'I travel with my two Golden Doodles living near the coast in summer and desert in the winter. Wilbur and Walter are both Therapy dogs,so we can visit assisted living facilities,schools,Vets Memorial. College campuses. They love the beach,so we work in those area mostly.'
Wow, this campie has a job, to bring the two therapy dogs to workplaces! How awesome is this?
Usually we think of 'happy camping' and vacation, but really, many, many vintage campers have been converted to earn their existence in one way or another. Food trucks, travelling antique shops, even hair studios and beyond! Well, my 'Little Wings' is my travelling art studio, too, so, yes, I know all about it!

Actually, talking about travelling art studio:

I am excited to tell you that I got accepted into the juried Plein Air Event at Kings Landing Historic Settlement this Saturday and Sunday. I am still debating to take Little Wings or stay at the offered Summer Camp Cabin. Either will be pretty basic accommodation, but that is fine for me. Will call the organizer tomorrow to ask a couple more questions. This will be my first plein air event, I feel just now that the kids are ready for me to take off a couple of days and dad is 'the mom'.
They surely enjoyed last weekend when I was away at a course. I am the disciplinarian, he is the fun guy (but working too often and he doesn't have enough time with them really). So, it is a win- win for all. And I enjoy how my 'stocks' go up, after coming home- I am more appreciated, too!
In any case, stay in touch to see what our camper of the day will be tomorrow!           Simone

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