Sunday, September 18, 2016

1960 Garwood Pink 'Paradise'

1960 Garwood Pink 'Paradise'

orig. watercolor 11x14in approx. (matted on archival 16x20in mat)

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Hola! Now, if this isn't a sexy, girls glamper! I know many ladies here will love the pink, the black, the polka dots and darling decor! Yea, this is a true 'camp like a girl' she-shed-on-wheels!
I loved painting it- it flowed just from my brush... love when that happens! Also, it made me smile when I painted it. I like the pink and apple-green combo. It always looks so fresh and friendly.

Here is some extra info I received from its proud owner:

'(This is my) 1960 Garwood, her name is "Paradise". My husband Brad and I restored this beauty and plan on traveling out west with my brother and his wife, who also have a vintage camper.'
I hope you guys will have a great time travelling the country in Paradise! Surely you will turn many heads! You have a true keeper! Happy Trails to you both!
Today I am still painting at the Plein Air Event at Kings Landing, so, if you have an interest in stopping by and saying hello, I'd be thrilled! This is my first Plein Air Event, so I will let you know how it went once I'm home again. 

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