Thursday, September 29, 2016

1964 SCS Shasta in a Field of Roses

1964 SCS Shasta in a Field of Roses

orig. watercolor 11x14in (matted onto a 16x20 archival matboard)

for more info and purchase: please click here

Yes, we've had a whole bunch of Aqua Shasta's this month! It must be a very popular color!
This one here I call 1964 SCS Shasta in a Field of Roses.
I chose this one as I liked that vintage truck with it, so cute. And as the fall is here now in the Maritimes with colder nights and crisp air in the mornings, I liked the warm sunshine drenching this scene. Summer- where art though??? I miss you already!

This is s special Shasta as the owner explains:

'1964 SCS Shasta, the SCS stands for "Self-Contained with a Shower", I call her "Super Cute Shasta"'
A couple of days ago, we had another aqua colored Shasta, featuring a pinup girl. You can read about it by clicking here.
I'm off to bed now, as tomorrow we have a busy day ahead of us: my youngest fledgling is starting hockey and will be in hockey gear the first time! You should see the huge mount of gear I just packed! Unbelievable! Those hockey players are dressed like tanks! I quietly had hoped that this cup would pass by us, but once he heard about hockey sign up, he really wanted to give it a try. So, here we go, you might see me post hockey sketches soon!
I hope you enjoyed this month filled with campies and I thank you very much for journeying with me! Thank you, thank you! If you like a camper, please feel free to share the post or photo to your social feeds! But we'll see you tomorrow with another camper- end stretch for me!
I'm wishing you a great day and thanks for stopping by!               Simone

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