Monday, September 26, 2016

1964 Shasta 'Fit to be Tied'

1964 Shasta 'Fit to be Tied'

orig. watercolor 11x14in (matted to 16x20 matboard, ready for framing)

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Today we have this fun country themed 1964 Shasta 'Fit to be Tied'.
Well, it looks like working farm girl to me, so Monday seems a good day to make it my feature camper!
As this is not my mother tongue, I had to look up if this name means something that needs censorship on this blog (haha). So, here are my findings- of course you probably know and are laughing out loud now!- 'the idiom fit to be tied according to means angry and agitated. (As if needing to be restrained.)'
See, every day I learn something with painting your campies! Just love it! I don't know what is angry about today's camper. Maybe the owner hitches up her Shasta and goes for a weekend camp trip to cool down and chill out when she feels angry and agitated which would make PERFECT sense to me! I have my 'Little Wings' which I just love to visit once in a while. Just to 'hang out' and chill if I need my quiet, kind of a she-shed on wheels. Yeehaw!
So now, with this campie I am wishing you a good start into this week and don't get too upset about small stuff (except you have a camper where you can run to for relaxation, haha).
We shall see you again tomorrow with another camper! If you like what you see, please feel free to share my blog or photos with friends, pinterest boards or on your social feeds!                 Simone

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