Monday, September 12, 2016

1968 Scotty 'Wildflower' Summer

1968 Scotty 'Wildflower' Summer

orig. watercolor painting 11x14in approx. (matted size: 16x20in)

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Some camper owners are taking part in my camper-a-day project more than once. They send in different photos of their camper or re-submit the photos if I didn't get around to getting their campie painted the first time around. Today we have such a camper who I have painted before. Her name is Wildflower and she is a 1968 Serro Scotty.
I'd say along with the Shasta make, the Scotties are among the most beloved and available names out there in vintage camper land. These here have a distinct aqua color (except the very last years of production) and often this dome-shaped top. You can see the painting of Christmas -Glamp Wildflower by clicking here.

A bit about this painting:

I tried to push the white siding colour towards a sunny yellow with this painting, reflecting the warm colors around it. I like colorful shadows, especially when the subject is so whimsy as this camper. A general rule of thumb in the art world is, that shadows may be painted with lots of colors when the surrounding is not very colorful (example: bright sunlight washing out colors from the surrounding objects), and other way around, keep the shadows more neutral when there is lots of colour happening around (often on overcast days). Of course, we are here in art, so every rule is there to be broken- with gusto! Cheers to that!
1968 Scotty 'Wildflower' Summer
The owner of 'Wildflower' actually was the one that submitted the photo for her glamper friend who just got her diagnosis of cancer. You can read about the story here. By the way, the friend will start full treatment of the very aggressive cancer within the next days. She is in fighting mode now- she has to! I will keep you in my prayers!
Let's stay in touch and see what my camper model will be tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

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