Monday, September 5, 2016

1968 Serro Scotty 'Patsy Lee'

1968 Serro Scotty 'Patsy Lee'
orig. watercolor 10x14in approx.
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Today's featured camper is this darling 1968 Serro Scotty 'Patsy Lee'..
Her pretty owner Laura was just diagnosed with breast cancer and will be battling a tough fight. Still, her spirits are high, as this weekend past, she had her beloved 'Patsy Lee' out glamping at a festival!
Don't we all know someone dear to our heart that is/has been battling cancer? My own mom is a survivor now for 5 years, but her life has never been the same as before. So, dear Laura, my thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time and I know you will be so brave and give all you can to stand against this terrible enemy!
I hope my little painting will brighten your day. Even though, I have to admit, my infant-stages portrait-painting skills couldn't do your beauty justice! All I can say is, I painted with love!
As a side-note, I have been in touch with her friend who cares very much about her. Even though, this is a big continent and people might not know each other in person, but still, the vintage camper fans are a pretty tight-knit family with one caring for another. I have met the nicest, most caring ladies over the past couple of years that have been journeying with me in my quest to paint those beloved little treasures. I have made friends! Thank you all, dear glamper friends- near and far! I treasure you very much and you enrich my life every day!

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