Thursday, September 8, 2016

1972 VW Camper Van 'Magnolia'

1972 VW Camper Van 'Magnolia'
orig. watercolor 5x7in approx, painted plein air (on location)
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Here we have a local camper,  this yellow 1972 VW Camper Van 'Magnolia'. She is proudly owned by a young woman who works in town for the summer and takes her on lots of fun trips and adventures. You can see some of her pics at #magnoliaadventure
Magnolia has those fun 'eye lids' on her front lights and her owner shared with me that they stopped making them at later models. It's the little details that make something special! I hope to do a larger painting of Magnolia down the road, but feel super lucky to have been able to paint her on location while I was out on a stroll with the kids (we were coming from the ice cream store actually, haha). So, the kids went for a beach comb and I took my travel-size painting gear out (which comes with me often). Thanks Magnolia, you made my day!
I'm trying to get a new routine down again, now that school is up and running again. Surely we had a fun summer with lots going on, but it feels good to get back into the swing of things and with our inn slowing down soon, there will be more family time with daddy, too! All in all, good things! I love painting cute campies in the meantime!

See you tomorrow again with another vintage camper to share! Hm, what might it be?

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