Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Teardrop Camper 'Mary Beth'

Teardrop Camper 'Mary Beth'

orig. watercolor 11x14in approx. (matted to 16x20 archival matboard)

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As this month's Camper-a-Day project comes to a close, I thought I'd spice it up with one of those cute, beloved teardrop campers. Here we have 'Mary Beth'. I do not know a whole lot about her, but that her proud owner built her by herself!!! Now, that is awesome! Girl power!

My to-do-camper rebuild:

Reminds me, that I might have to dig in myself if I ever want my darling disassembled Glenette Camper re-built. At the moment it resides in our back-storage of our inn- lovingly are all individual parts stored inside waiting patiently for now about two years! Yikes! If I don't get to it someday soon, I might forget how it got together! I took photos, but who knows how many questions will surface once the re-build starts. I assume my darling husband still has the hope that I will let him off the hook by acclaiming one day that we should just scrap the camper project.

And the story that goes with it:

What he doesn't know is that I still dream of this little trailer where I camped my very first time in Canada. I was invited to go hunting Moose in the wilderness without electricity and a dug-out toilet-hole in the bush! And a group of old men- all retired- that wanted to show me how rough the huntin' is in this country! Haha! One day I saw a bear running down the lane where the camper was parked- that freaked me right out as I had just used the outdoor 'toilet'! Makes for fun stories for sure! I got this camper, my Glenette now, as a gift once the old gentlemen retired it!
As you can see, I come from the highly tamed Germany where nature's inhabitants consists of small foxes and the odd dear and maybe a hedgehog. We never got that moose by the way...
Now, what does this have to do with this teardrop camper? I don't know, just somehow felt like sharing this little anecdote.

In any case, this month soon will come to a close. I will be wrapping up my camper project soon and hope you will help me cast your vote which paintings to choose for the 2017 Camper Calendar!

Hope to see you again tomorrow, with another Camper of the Day!                       Simone

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