Friday, October 14, 2016

Calendar Voting Winners

The voting to select the feature glamper paintings for my monthly 2017 calendar is over!

Today I can share the calendar voting winners with you!
So many people have participated, asked friends to vote for their camper and invited others to cast their vote. It was so much fun!
There were a few minor hiccups, too. But I learn as I go and hope next time around I can have those straightened out. Actually, the first day my website seemed very slow and unresponsive and I called tech support. They checked and all was set-up correctly. Well, I then checked and saw a spike in visitors- and with everyone trying to vote, this might have caused my little website to wave the 'white flag' of surrender, haha! Thanks though for all of you who stuck it out with my newbie-troubles here and letting me know what paintings you liked best.

You can see all the 12 favorites that will be feature models in the calendar on my website blog by clicking here.

Thank you everyone again for participating- by sharing your campies, by voting, by sharing and by your encouragement along the way! You are so dear and I am so blessed you have taken time to journey along! Thank you, thank you!                                                Simone

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