Saturday, October 1, 2016

Camper Painting Project September 2016

September has come to a close, and my Camper Painting Project September 2016 has successfully finished, too. Here in a collage featuring all campers and paintings that I have painted for this project. There might be one or two more added later, but here you have them all from September 2016.

I promised to host a voting where you all can choose your favorite campies to be selected the feature campers for my 2017 calendar.

Right now, I am still working behind the scenes to get that voting platform installed and working *yikes*. So let's hope by Monday or Tuesday I'll be up and running. I will announce that on this blog and via my social platforms (FB and Instagram @SimoneRitterArt). It will be so much fun and I hope you can participate!
Please keep an eye out for it!
Thank you to all of you who submitted your wonderful photos- I was overwhelmed with your many, many photos that you sent in! If I had another month to paint, I couldn't even feature them all! It was a great honour to paint each and every one of them, and to share a story with each painting. I hope it brought a smile to your daily life- it sure brought a lot of joy to mine!
Thank you again for journeying with me and stay tuned for the voting after the weekend!
Happy Trails!                    Simone

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