Sunday, September 24, 2017

1955 Trotwood Cub

1955 Trotwood Cuborig. watercolor 8x10in (matted to fit 11x14in frame)
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This 1955 Trotwood Cub is my feature camper today. Have I ever mentioned I love red in vintage trailers???? Love the striped awning, wanted one for my little campie, but not the right red to be found for this color connoisseur, haha!

Unfortunately, I don't have any info on the (hi)story of this little guy, so I hopped over to my dear wiki-friends from the TinCanTourist website (big thanks!):

"It all began with Ray Kuntz and Warren Wagner back in the late 1920’s. These schoolteachers occupied their summers in a garage on Grand Avenue. Here they were designing a prototype canvas tent on wheels to take camping.

Despite the economic gloom of the Great Depression in 1932 they opened Trotwood Trailers. By 1950 they grew to control 20% of the camper trailer market in Ohio. Because there were many models to choose from. One of their largest models can still be seen in the mobile home park on East Main Street of Trotwood Ohio. It was a regular sight to see 12 trailers rolling out of town every day on their way to customers across North America.

Their neighbors tolerated the pair working long hours from their ‘home office’. They were not realizing the impact their inventions would have on the trailer world as a result from innovative axle systems to the first side entry door trailer. 
Unfortunately Fire destroyed Trotwood’s legacy business back in 1981. Thousands of campers and travel trailers were built on North Broadway, Trotwood Ohio, for delivery all across the country. Trotwood Trailers were respected due to their innovative features and high quality construction. Many still survive today but the company does not."

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